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4Circle-BPE-01Do your agents have the tools, information and support they need at their fingertips? Can supervisors make informed staffing decisions and facilitate training easily? Do your customers feel valued and also feel they are dealt with in as simple, flexible and effective way as possible?

Our range of Contact Centre Platform Applications gives every stakeholder options that empower their area of input.

Customers can use a range of contact methods, including Messaging and other Social Media apps, without the Centre losing any track of ‘conversations’ – leaving the customer feeling in control of their contact input.

Agents can see all aspects of contact and can share logged ‘conversations’ along the chain quickly and simply.

Supervisors have full Management & Reporting information that can be used for streamlining staffing and training or share via optional wallboards to help boost productivity.

Wether you are an organisation that doesn’t consider itself to be a contact centre, but wants to handle customers better, or you are a multi-site contact centre with many agents, talk to Midland Communications and we will produce a pathway and a quote for a new contact centre system, On Site or Cloud Hosted solution, that makes sense for you.

Mitel MiContact Centre

Mitel MiContact Centre is a platform range that has a solution for small workgroup customer service companies through to large scale enterprise contact centres across multiples sites.

Each contact centre solution has a range of ‘out of the box’ tools suitable for the level of each type of organisation. However, each platform is fully expandable, ensuring a strong future growth pathway.

These options include a fully Microsoft Integrated Platform and the option for a fully Cloud Hosted solution.

Call Recording

Mitel MiContact Centre have Call Recording partnerships in place for their platforms. In addition Midland provide a first class enterprise level call recording system as a standalone add-on to phone systems or for integration to Contact Centre solutions.  Each solution offers similar benefits in their easy search and retrieval of recordings as wav. files.

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Contact Centre Case Studies

You read or watch video cases studies from some of our recent contact centre installation customers. This is an opportunity to see how some of the many tools and apps included in our Contact Centre solutions have been utilised to the benefit of the organisation and their customers.
There are one or two case studies below or visit our customers case studies page…

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The Contact Centre Pathway

We have Contact Centre experts who will undertake a Discovery Consultation and work with you to understand your current and future requirements and recommend a suitable contact centre pathway to meet and future proof you and your customers’ needs.

Once a recommendation is accepted we will Prince2 project management the whole process to minimise downtime and ensure smooth integration of all phone and I.T. solutions.

The project managed installation will be a collaboration between yourselves, the original Contact Centre sales person and project manager plus our own engineers. This minimises any potential problems to ensure immediate up-time.

We provide on-site training from our in-house trainers and also offer access to manufacturers training course and online training modules.

Jayne Grazette

Customer Engagement Specialist

Hi, I head up the Contact/Call Centre Discovery Consultation department, where I visit potential customers to ensure we fully understand what they need to achieve before a system is designed for them. Once we have created a future-proof Roadmap and initiated an installation I then don my training hat to ensure platform users get the best from the varied apps and options.

If you are looking to start or improve your call centre operation call me on 0808 156 7080 or drop me a message, I will give you my best to ensure you choose the right on-premise or cloud hosted option.

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Infrastructure & Network, Resilience & Disaster Recovery, Installation, Training


Infrastructure & Network




Own Engineer Installation


In House Training

What Tools Can You Expect In Your MiContact Centre Solution?

Some Of The Applications Available To Run An Enterprise Class Contact Centre

Routing Options

  • Queue Priority
  • Predictive
  • Scheduled
  • Overflow
  • Interflow
  • Skills-based


  • Customer Profiling
  • Intelligent Messaging
  • Dial Out of Queue
  • Self-service
  • Customer Callbacks
  • Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Text-to-Speech

Media Distribution

  • Voice ACD
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Web Chat
  • Voicemail
  • SMS

Agent Productivity

  • Real-time Desktop
  • Display
  • Presence and Chat
  • Softphone
  • Pre-recorded Announcements
  • CRM Screen Pop
  • Preview/Progressive

Reporting & Monitoring

  • Historical Reports
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Forecasting
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Call Costing
  • Real-time Agent & Queue


  • Workforce Management

Outbound Dialing

  • ACD Hot Desking
  • Silent Monitoring


  • Single-site
  • Multi-site
  • Distributed
  • Virtual
  • Work at Home
  • Resilient
  • High Availability

Professional Services

  • Health Check
  • CRM
  • Click-to-Dial
  • Kiosk Routing & Reporting


  • Leader-led
  • Web-based

Customer Satisfaction

A first impression is a lasting impression. Every business has a contact centre whether they know it or not – from a couple of people answering the phones to a large managed multi site contact centre – you can enhance your customers experience from the moment calls reach you. Your customers need access to key staff, whether they are on the road, at a branch office or working from any other location. Easy-to-use collaboration and conferencing tools enable faster decision making and better teamwork, so you can respond to customer issues in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Let your customers contact your business in the media and at the time of their choice
  • Quickly reach available supervisors and experts increasing resolution times
  • Future proof and grow with IP communications and free site to site calls
  • Optimise your business processes

Business Continuity

Your customers expect consistent, dependable communications despite accidents or unplanned emergencies that may occur — they need to know they can still reach you, and you need to know you can continue to perform critical business functions. Ensuring continuity in service and communications requires planning and strategy. It requires a sound communications infrastructure and daily activities that support business requirements for disaster recovery, business resumption, and emergency preparedness.

To find out how Midland can help your business reduce cost get in touch – we’d love to help.

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Increase Productivity

Increase_Prod-300x300When your staff are empowered to do their best and have the communication tools to aid them, by nature increased productivity will follow. With fast and flexible access to information and systems your staff will take the natural collaboration of todays consumer world and naturally integrate it to their business environment. Collaboration, presence and flexible working combined will all contribute to the increased productivity of your staff in your business. Increase competitive advantage Decrease decision making time Increase access to the right people at the right times Midland can help your business improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your staff by introducing a number of technology solutions that will provide choice and flexibility for your team and optimise their day to day functions.

  • Increase competitive advantage
  • Decrease decision making time
  • Increase access to the right people at the right times

Contact Centre Case Studies

Circencester Friendly Society plc. – Customer Service Management & Reporting

The Challenge

Cirencester Friendly Society plc had an aged BT PBX system which no longer fitted the requirements of their business. The legacy PBX was a single point of failure and did not provide  the second site a ‘break out’ service if the system was unavailable. The system supported limited call recording facilities and utilised simple digital handsets with no interaction with any desktop apps. There were no management or reporting facilities to enable calculated efficiency.

Cirencester Friendly Society needed a seamless VoIP communications solution to provide flexible low cost expansion along with enhanced functionality and improved communication handling for the organisation. Dynamic call routing, presence management, mobility, Contact Centre management and simple administration with centralised application management and transparency were also key recommendations.

The new communications solution for Cirencester Friendly Society also needed to be extremely reliable and future-proof, offering a VoIP solution with clear management and resilience to enable complete business continuity and facilitate a DR strategy.

The Solution

The prime aim of the new recommended solution was to provide a IP telephony system with disaster recovery and resilience to a second Disaster recovery site 20 miles away.

The second site is connected via 2Mb point to point leased line and will support seamless failover features.

Call Recording was supplied to cater for the call recordings of the two sites and enable supervisors to not only listen to historical call recordings but actively provide coaching both live and historic, with questionnaires.

Contact Centre Management & Reporting Apps are supplied  to monitor all users historically with the option of providing live call statistics as an option, with

Wallboards within the departments to give visibility of agents’ performance and call statistics

Customer Feedback

We approached Susie Beard-Moore, Head of Sales and Customer Care at  Cirencester Friendly to see if they would talk to us. Susie said she would but didn’t consider themselves to be a ‘contact centre’. They have a well trained customer care team who have no restrictions on the amount of time that can be spent on a call and no targets other than ensuring the reason for their clients call is resolved. She was however, happy to discuss how the new apps within the system helped them achieve this.

Here are highlights of the Q & A with Susie plus Jessica Arthurs and Paul Shepherd.

CF-logo-group copyHas the new system benefitted your training process?

SB-M: Yes it has. We now have a ‘call listening’ facility which allows us to do call coaching training and critique our approach. It has helped us enhance our skills.

One of the potential hazards in installing a new system is downtime. How did this impact on you?

SB-M: We were aware that the Midland engineers and our ‘techie’ guys were going to ‘go live’ over a weekend. We went home on a Friday night and on the Monday morning walked in to find the new system ready for us to be trained on. No call downtime at all.

Did the training help with people’s ‘buy-in’ of the new apps?

SB-M: Very much, yes. It didn’t take long for Jayne (Midland Trainer) to show us how to use the system. In reality the system is actually easier because it is screen based, with click to call, and simple transfer of calls, but we wondered about the validity of some of the features at first. There was a little resistance to IM (Instant Messenger) but it quickly became apparent how useful it was.

Has the system helped you manage call traffic flow?

SB-M: I had nothing before on the legacy BT system. I had no idea of peak calls, peak times. I had no ability to plan busy periods – we just didn’t know, other than gut feeling, when they were. Now I have the statistics to analyse, even granularly down to 15 minute periods. That has allowed me to manage staffing and manage calls coming in to ensure they are answered much quicker than they  perhaps previously were.

PS: The MiCollab facility also helps in transferring calls to other departments. It allows you to see who is busy and who is available and put a call straight through without getting an engaged tone. That’s been really useful.

Does that Presence and Availability feature help your members when they call in?

JA: You’re not having to put them on hold. You can see who is available and put them straight through. It means a query is handled without any back and forth, and if we can see the right person is unavailable we can arrange a call back to the member. It makes everything smoother. This is an area where Instant Messenger came into it’s own, we message the call back details and then, when the person becomes available, IM is flashing up a message and the call is made.

South Worcestershire Shared Services

Multi-Site Contact Centre with Built-in Redundancy

The Challenge

Malvern Hills District Council, Wychavon District Council and Worcester City Council offer very similar service provisions to their respective communities. They are each responsible for issuing planning permission and housing benefit payments for residents, collecting council tax and providing environmental services for, collectively, some 280,000 residents in Worcestershire. These services are recognised as ‘Revenue and Benefit’ services. When discussing each councils’ future aims and strategies there was also common ground in their desire to put the “customer at the heart of the councils thinking” Part of this meant delivering the same levels of contact service to residents as much larger councils that could benefit from economies of scale.

This was an area that Malvern Hills District Council had already addressed successfully. Mac Chivers, Head of ICT at Malvern Hills District Council explains;

“The council wanted to implement a communications platform that would enable more collaboration across the council, and provide seamless communications between those in the contact centre and those on the road, for both desk-based employees and home workers. We needed a phone system that was  integrated into ICT that would enable staff to be more efficient and provide better service to customers.”

Internal Council audits showed that many employees were losing valuable time simply trying to contact other people within the council, but worked in different departments, projects or initiatives. Customer service representatives were particularly affected and spent a lot of time trying to locate appropriate personnel who could answer customer queries.



The Solution

The Councils needed a solution that would improve collaboration across their distributed workgroups to enhance customer service, and concluded a shared telephony and contact centre solution, with integrated IT would be a huge step forward.

The Council’s audit revealed shared IT/Telephony provided other potential benefits besides improved working practises. The cost savings across 3 sites, from reduced maintenance and support needs, plus reduced staffing levels amongst those dedicated to IT or Telephony support were potentially huge, and, once reduced would start to allow for those economies of scale enjoyed by the larger Councils. Further savings were realised upon implementation.

The Councils were running 3 different legacy platforms, with only Malvern running a fully integrated unified communications platform.

Mac Chivers choose Midland Communications Company Limited to roadmap and provide a fully integrated unified platform that would unite the three sites and remote workers.

Midland Communications provided a MPLS connection and centralised a UC Telephony Platform in one data centre in Worcester. All 800 users, across the council offices plus remote workers, log into this data centre. In addition, with the new MPLS connection, existing ISDN lines were migrated to SIP, producing further costs savings from the reduction of the need for incoming lines and also from free calls across sites.

For fallback, in the event of a data centre disaster, handsets at each site have ‘failover’  to a local Mitel controller, ensuring no loss of service.

Mr. Chivers noted “We investigated IP Communications technology from many vendors but Mitel stood head and shoulders above the others. I felt that it would work much better than the other communications platforms because Mitel has a strong integration with Microsoft Lync, giving us a single point for contact. For me that was crucial and I felt confident of the support that Mitel would deliver.”

To ensure that the implementation went smoothly Mitel, Midland Communications and employees across the Councils worked very closely together.

Solution Benefits

Under the heading of South Worcestershire Shared Services, the 3 councils now has state of the art IP telephony integrated with presence, instant messaging, email, voicemail, and visual voicemail on the desktop. Mircosoft Lync automatically scans the Microsoft Outlook calendar and provides presence information on employees, displaying which members of are available, busy or away.

For staff on the road, they can now call into the system, and have emails read back to them hands free.  Furthermore, they can verbally access their calendar, make an enquiry  and even make changes to their calendar thanks to this technology.

While the shared Telephony/IT platform has provided great reductions in cost, it is in the contact centre that the biggest improvements can be measured.

As customer service agents are spending less time tracking down employees and more time answering calls, call handling has improved significantly, as staff can now deal with higher call volumes, more efficiently.

The centralised hub contact centre of 100 agents, handles 120,000 calls per month, with the customer service agents able to visually identify which subject matter experts are available to take calls, and instantly route the call instead of trying several different extensions before being able to connect the caller to an expert.

In addition, because the Contact Centre runs a Mitel Multimedia Solution, the benefits to the actual customer has also been boosted. Customers now have a greater choice of contact routes open to them, in addition to calling in. The Mitel multimedia contact centre enables email, text messaging, Web chat, and social media options, all handled within the unified desktop client, enabling the agent to push/pull the customers’ enquiry to the correct person to answer that enquiry via skills-based multimedia routing.

The Central Customer Service Hub visitor centre, also makes use of video conferencing to put customers face to face with subject experts who may be in another part of the county.

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In today’s technology-driven world of smartphones, tablets and WiFi, consumers have become increasingly mobile, relying on digital communications such as email, text messaging, Web chat, and social media in order to interact with your business.

If your business can’t communicate with customers beyond voice, you may be in trouble. Customers have come to expect the convenience of choosing the method of contact that makes the most sense for them at any given time – and providing a consistent, positive experience across all channels has evolved from a unique, “nice to have” capability to a necessity. And if you can’t provide this flexibility, you may be frustrating or even losing customers.
Luckily, transforming your customer experience for the digital age is simpler than you think. All it takes is an understanding of how your customers expect to interact and the right technology powering your connections.
Watch the video and in less than two minutes, see how the customer experience has evolved – from your customers’ perspective: