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Mass Notification & PA Systems

Internal Mass Notification – PA & Paging

Our specialists can advise and implement the most suitable system for your organisation.

We provide Public Address (PA) or Paging “Tannoy” systems, fixed or PA over IP (networked audio), to suit your requirements.

Systems are typically used internally for Voice Evacuation, Fire and Refuge Alarms, customer facing Induction Loop, Paging, Background Music, Sound Masking or clear Conference and Classroom audio delivery.

We are also experienced with Discussion Systems, including Soundfield for Classrooms. Other Education solutions, include School Emergency Lockdown and Bell Timing systems.

We’re an authorised Bose Pro Public Address Partner for PA installation ensuring the quality of the audio sound experience is of the highest importance, such as background music for restaurants and retail areas.

With the expertise and capability to provide communications solutions across industry and vertical markets, we are focused on ensuring that one size does not fit all and that any solution proposed for your business is the right one for your specific needs.

Internal & External Mass Notification Applications

Mass notification ensures a better service experience through automated, interactive and proactive notifications delivered to customers, staff, parents, pupils in many sectors including Education facilities, Healthcare, Retail, Food services, Utilities, service providers, Financial Services and more.

Deliver timely information to the right people at the right time, triggered via the web or a phone call using a landline, IP phone, computer or mobile device, as a voice, audio or text notification (plus IP Paging if required). Can also include social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Consider Mitel Mass Notification app or BlazeCast® for your day-to-day activities such as issuing alerts and warnings, broadcast news and updates, billing notices, the status of your customer’s orders, and appointment reminders, as well as one-off announcements.

Systems are also used for more serious circumstances; during crisis-oriented events such as outages, recalls, and emergency lockdown response. Connect with the right people at the right time. Can be enabled to alert via devices only or linked in to IP Paging over PA.

We offer Mass Notification applications from BlazeCast and Mitel.

Below are Product Demonstrations and Customer Usage Demonstrations for the Blazecast Mass Notification App.

PA and Paging over IP

An exciting development in Public Address Systems is PA/Paging over IP.

With traditional systems audio is made through dedicated cabling, fixing the component to the system. PA and paging over IP frees you from this cabling, offering more flexibility.

To establish a PA over IP Paging System you can utilise and integrate it with your existing VoIP network or create a standalone Ethernet set up just for your Paging System.

With PA over IP, as the need for cables is removed, with good planning, you can have PA anywhere. Speakers can be deployed wherever the network extends, and enabled to allow staff to put a call out over the public address system speakers via the telephone.

They can be moved, added to or removed with ease.

PA & Mass Notification Case Studies can be found here…

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