Why Move To The Cloud?

10 Reasons Why

Moving To The Cloud

Top 10 Reasons Companies are Moving to the Cloud

Businesses like you, hear lots about cloud technology, cloud telephony and cloud computing. Modern businesses use cloud technology to ensure their employees are able to have the flexibility to work anytime, anyplace, anywhere – and to collaborate with each other. 

Hundreds and thousands of businesses in the UK are still using technology that will soon become obsolete…ISDN. 

ISDN is fast being overtaken by next generation cloud technology.

We summarise below the most common reasons that firms are moving to the cloud and you can also Download The Infographic to keep.

Cost Savings & Cost Control

We come across many firms that underestimate the savings to be made with predictable monthly costs. By hosting a phone system in the cloud you only pay for what you need – very cost effective for small businesses. No installation cost or maintenance of a traditional phone system.


Managing your solutions on-site can be expensive and not an efficient use of your staff’s time. Consider the IT staff needed to manage on-premise systems. Cloud-based solutions can help alleviate the burden, eliminating maintenance, IT work load, and the cost of your infrastructures such as servers and storage systems.

Scalability - Up or Down

Scale up or down based on the current number of users. Whether you’re expanding and have the requirements to add more users, moving premises or down-sizing, the Cloud will provide more flexibility and scalability for needs, today and in the future.

Disaster Recovery

Business continuity made easy. Business are using the cloud to protect themselves and to ensure unexpected events don’t prevent their business from functioning. With Cloud communications you can get back up and running in the event of a disaster.

Cloud-based Applications

Access customised applications in the Cloud. When businesses are connected to a Cloud Communications Platform they get access to the latest communication applications and developments, like customise business workflows. These applications help boost productivity and revenue streams in ways that traditional communication apps cannot.

Instant Updates

As the service is outsourced, upgrades will be deployed through automatic updates. Midland would take care of upgrades for you.

Future Proofing

Digital transformation is here and companies need to keep their business agile in a digital society. Integrating cloud-based applications with a cloud-based communications system is significantly easier than integrating cloud-based applications with an on-site one, so business looking to future-proof their operations are moving to the Cloud.

Quality of Service

Maximise uptime and downtime coverage. For many business, uptime is pivotal. To keep things running they rely on the ability to scale and leverage remote work teams or serve customers from anywhere. Cloud communications maximise uptime and coverage through multiple hosted data centres, avoiding costly interruptions and downtime.

Affordable Redundancy

Leverage shared resources. With an on-site communication system hardware and software geographic redundancy can be challenging to deliver. But when multiple business share resources in a Cloud environment they get access to a level of redundancy that would be too expensive to procure as an on-site solution.

Vendor Management

One point of contact for everything. While your communications are being managed securely off-site you can focus on other high priority projects.
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