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Tangent International 

International Recruitment Company Communicate Globally using 8×8 Cloud Communications

The Client:

Tangent International is a specialist recruitment company for the technology industry, working with some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world. To work efficiently, the company needs a communications system with a global reach. 8×8’s cloud solution seamlessly enables phone calls, conference calls, and videoconferencing to keep Tangent International at the top of their game.

Global Communications Integral to Success

Tangent International  operates in 175 countries with candidates in more than 220 locations. These customers includes some of the biggest technology brands in the world so it’s vital that Tangent International’s communications meet their very high standards. To source and place the best talent around the world, the company needed a service provider that would enable it to easily communicate with its global customer base.

Previous Phone System Lacked Time-Saving Features

Like many fast-paced businesses, Tangent International faced the challenge of ImprovIng it’s systems and functionality without Interrupting service or expensive upgrades.

The company also wanted more advanced communIcation features that would help streamline the recruitment process. These include click to dial, which allows users to click phone numbers on their screen instead of dialling manually, and videoconferencing, which reduces travel lime and expenses.

Remote Capabilities Maximise Employee Productivity

With the new 8×8 cloud solution, Tangent International recruiters can now work remotely with the same high quality communications features as when they are in the office, Instead of being tied to their desk phones, employees can take and make calls from their mobile phones, tablets and laptops. This means that no business leads are lost and employees can be fully productive, no matter where they or the customer or candidate happens to be.

Since implementing its 8x8x cloud hosted solution, Tangent International has reduced calling costs by a staggering 40%. Implementation was painless; one engineer installed the solution in just over a day and the whole team was quickly briefed on how to use the intuitive system. Staff can easily keep up to date with everything either through 8×8’s ongoing support team or by accessing one of the various online training programs

Videoconferencing Reduces Travels and Protects the Environment

Employees can also  communicate seamlessly using their preferred method, whether this be a phone call, a conference call or a videoconference. While Tangent International recognises the value of face-to-face meeting, their recruiters speak to thousands of candidates a year. Travelling to all these meetings would be impractical, time-consuming and damaging to the environment.

CRM Integrations Through the 8×8 API Enables Click to Dial

Using the 8×8 API to integrate Tangent International’s service CRM tool. Talent Rover, part of Salesforce, also helps streamline recruitment. the integration enables click to dial and other user-friendly features that make recruiters much more efficient in placing calls to candidates around the world.

Cloud Communications Cut Phone Costs by 40%

Since implementing its 8×8 cloud solution, Tangent International has reduced call costs by a staggering 40%. Just as significantly, the company’s call quality and functionality have dramatically improved. As with all cloud technology, the phone system can be updated and new functionality added without service interruptions or expensive equipment purchases. Having realised the benefits of 8×8 cloud communications in its UK offices, Tangent International now plans to roll out the solution to its offices in Dallas, Dubai, Shenzhen and Sydney.

Video Overview and Feedback Direct from Tangent International

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