Experience Communications as a service

XCaas - Experience Communications As A Service

Erase the boundary between UCaas and CCaas

Integrated Contact Centre, Voice, Video, Chat and API’s

8×8 eXperience Communications

Erase the boundaries between Unified Communications and Contact Centre as a service

Make everybody responsible for your organisations customer experience, by giving everybody the capabilities they need to be successful, from the front desk to the contact centre.


XCaas - combined employee and customer experience phone system infographic

Business Phone

Put your business on the map with local numbers and global connectivity from within one easy app.

Video Meeting

Crush your next 1:1 or all-hands meeting in HD video with desktop and mobile screen-sharing.

Team Chat

Say hello to more natural, productive collaboration with teammates and other chat platforms.

Contact Centre

Delight customers and empower employees with AI-powered workflows for every interaction

Communication API's

Infuse every process, app and website with rich messaging and video conferencing capabilities.

Mix and Match Users

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Intelligent cross-platform insights and analytics

Make better decisions with unified journey analytics across all your employee and customer interactions channels.

  • Real-time organisation-wide reporting
  • Recording, coaching, and speech analytics
  • AI-powered insights and workflows

Talk to an account manager at Midland Comms to discuss the features that will best suit your business/organisation and we will create a mix ‘n match solution of the most cost effective and useful licenses. All backed up by our in-house support.

Watch the videos below to get a good understanding of how the features reflect real life scenarios and business roles.

A Day in the  Life videos – demonstrating various 8×8 features

Day in the life of an IT manager

Day in the life of a sales account manager

Day in the life of a sales leader

Consultative Sales | Global Platforms | Local Support

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How 8x8 Helped...

…international recruitment company Tangent International needed a service provider that would enable it to easily communicate with its global customer base.

8×8’s cloud solution seamlessly enables global phone calls, conference calls, and videoconferencing to keep Tangent International at the top of their game.

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Cloud solution for customer contact

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8 Chapters of UC Info

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8×8 Virtual Office Pro
ISDN Upgrade Pathway - image

- ISDN Upgrade -

Consider Your ISDN Upgrade Pathway to Hosted
Understand StopSell Notices
ISDN Shutdown Timescale

Global Platforms - Local Support

High SLA's - In-House Support Team

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