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Location:  Cheltenham and Stonehouse
Client:    BPE Solicitors

The Client:

BPE are a company of solicitors and lawyers with specialised divisions across business and family legal issues able to offer jargon-free advice and solutions.

Full information can be found at www.bpe.co.uk

Telephony Background:

What are the current issues and constraints?

  • Costs could be better controlled on a monthly basis with improved management information
  • Ageing equipment is out of life and costly to maintain
  • Current telephony doesn’t support a suitable Disaster Recovery (DR) plan
  • No call recording
  • No integration with existing CRM platform

The Solution:

In summary we should: –

  • Gain more control and have clear accountability
  • Reduce costs through better tariffs, infrastructure rationalisation and demand management
  • Create a voice and data network which can add value to the business
  • Provide a Disaster Recovery plan to allow BPE to operate & continue to bill time
  • Provide integration into back office systems

Source: Stroud News and Journal

BPE have an opportunity to upgrade the communications across Cheltenham, Stroud and the mobile workforce, transforming the way we communicate with each other and our clients, in addition to provide a true DR plan for routing of calls should we have a system failure at any location.

An ROI can be demonstrated from savings in the format of reduced line rental & call charges, as well as providing better ways of working & provide 9.999’s reliability from the telephony service

BPE Solicitors has an ageing PBX system which no longer fits the requirements of the business. The existing system supports limited call recording facilities, and simple digital handsets

* The prime aim of the solution is provide a new IP telephony system at Stroud, which will form the foundations for a new group wide solution, including a replacement at Head Office.

* The current PBX is a single point of failure as it does not provide the second site a ‘break out’ service if the system is unavailable.

* The main driver for the upgraded solution is to improve staffing efficiencies as well as delivering 99.999% up time, for all users.

* Call Recording will be required to cater for the recording of up to 30 concurrent ports, and enable supervisors to not only listen to historical call recordings, but actively provide coaching both live and historic, with questionnaires

* Call Management is a necessity, and will need to moni  tor all users historically with the option of providing live call statistics as an option

* Wall boards are required to be established within the departments to give visibility of users performance, and call statistics

Source: Cotswold Life Magazine

BPE Solicitors requires a seamless VoIP communications solution that will provide flexible low cost expansion along with enhanced functionality and improved communication handling for the organisation. Dynamic call routing, presence management, mobility, Contact Centre management and simple administration with centralised application management and transparency are also key requirements.

We will Achieve this by

Providing a seamless Mitel VoIP communications solution that will provide flexible low cost expansion along with enhanced functionality and improved communication handling for the growing organisation. Dynamic call routing, presence management, mobility, Contact Centre management and simple administration with centralised application management and transparency are also key requirements.

Ian Liddell Head of IT at BPE Solicitors.

Ian was brought into BPE just over a year ago with a remit to stop IT for IT’s sake and to make it work to the advantage of both the business and the customer. BPE focuses on customer involvement and understanding the needs of the customer and the IT systems used need to support that ethos.

Ian explains the history and future of IT at BPE.

“Historically BPE had a CRM system and a telephone system sitting independently of each other and unable to communicate with one another. When you consider that a large percentage of a solicitors work I can be conducted over the telephone, the ability to log, record and bill those minutes is paramount.

The prime requirement of the new phone system is in it’s ability to link with the core CRM software, which in this case is called SOS (Solicitors Own Software). With integration to the new telephone system SOS still maintains all the customer case notes while the phone system is able to monitor the minutes spent on a call accurately.

In addition there are aspects of legal work that needs call recording in place and the new system offers a better call recording facility with the benefit of retrieval of recordings far faster and easier to manage.

Source: South West Business

Another core requirement and benefit in integration is in the initial handling of a call. Now the phone system will be able to show the callers background information and the department and person they should be talking to instantly. Combined with the phones systems built in presence and availability feature this means the client can be transferred quickly and efficiently, which is an expectation of today’s customer is all contact situations.

Quicker responses and better service is key to what we want to achieve from this system, with the added benefit of cost savings, through efficiency and accurate billing, to our customers. 

For mobility, Solicitors have Blackberry phones when they are working away from the office. With the new system these are integrated into the new system via a Mitel app, providing one number availability – calls made to or from the Blackberry still show as the office number – and the link to the CRM and other features remain live. The same is true for any phone that has broadband access – once the user logs in, which is a simple operation, it becomes the same DDI (direct dial in number) as in the office.

Of the 160 people employed by BPE across 3 sites some 80% of them rely on telephone communication in their role.

The new system will be server based with ‘fail-over’ resilience built-in, allowing any of the offices to be the ‘central’ hub in case of disruption at the Cheltenham head office.

“I’m also using SIP trunks as a way of dealing with the calls and that cuts down our line rental and also internal calls as they will be over the computer network. With these cost savings we are thinking the phone system will pay for itself in five years”.

Ian explains; “it was the level of integration the Mitel phone system apps allowed combined with Midland Communications determination and commitment to understand what BPE were trying to achieve that initially won them the tender over the competition.

Since then Midland’s project management has really made things happen, with the first ‘go live’ site installed on a Sunday and ready for Monday morning business, and with the phone system being so intuitive the need for training was minimal.

I am really confident in Midland’s ability and commitment. An example I can give you is when we were about to move into the new office. All the network cabling was supposed to be already there, but we discovered it had been randomly cut in various places and was useless. I ‘phoned Stuart at Midland Communications and advised him there would be a delay to the phone system installation because of it. Stuart said it wasn’t a problem, and gave me a quote to overall the network cabling the next day. I still needed to get three quotes in for the work, but Midland’s turned out to be the best price and the network cabling was installed very quickly, allowing us to move the whole project forward”.


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