The wave of TV programs using video conferencing apps and platforms has highlighted the usefulness of the medium in the current situation, where people still value face to face chats.

The dangers of using “home” applications is well documented, with the instances of hacking in some consumer apps. There are business strength apps available.

Microsoft Teams have run extensive advertising to demonstrate the extra power of their video meeting app, Microsoft Teams, offering as a business application.

This is because Teams is much more than a video meeting app. You can combine the sharing of screens and files, keep track of document amendments and conversations as well as emails, within your invited set of Teams group members.

You can also call upon Microsoft Office apps including Powerpoint and Excel and store documents and presentations within Sharepoint.

All this can be done in Teams. Invite the right people into the right work or project group so everyone is in the shared workflow.

There are further benefits that can be leveraged. You can integrate your entire Office 365 suite and also your company phone system, via Microsoft Business Voice 365, as part of this integration.

The benefit of buying your Microsoft applications from Midland Comms is our ability to integrate your products seamlessly, offer ongoing support and training and ensure your Business Voice  365 set up and calling plans are UK compatible and fully supported.

Because the solution is cloud hosted we can set your company up fast and give your home workers full productivity in their home offices very quickly.

We have a quick guide to setting up Teams for productivity PDF available to download on our working remotely web page along with a few other tips for staying productive while working from home.

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