Managed IT and Hosted Phone System Case Study

Cascade Communications
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IT and Telephony Hosted Integration

IT was updated and improved, including new computers and printers where required.  Integrated with hosted 8×8 phone system.

Location:  London

Client:    Cascade Communications

The Client:

Cascade Communications is an award-winning specialist communications consultancy committed to delivering strategic advice and results for clients in property, development, planning and construction. Their specialism is understanding where the interests of landowners, local government, national government, interest groups and local communities intersect, and advising their clients how to successfully navigate that space.

System Requirements:

The Cascade team need to be able to react and communicate quickly and effectively, both with each other and with their clients. The ability to share and edit documents and presentations being key to effective decision making.

Unfortunately, their IT network and telephony communications over the 3 floor offices in Soho were being supported by separate IT and phone system companies. This meant that when problems occurred, or when systems needed integrating, issues of responsibility became blurred with the separate companies getting into a ‘blame loop’ or not able to separately agree on a consolidated approach.

There were also gaps in the effective offering of suitable facilities and applications. Overall this resulted in gaps in office WiFi coverage, a single server for IT, a complicated data back-up system and no built-in file sharing applications.

The issues were having an impact on productivity and also required a simplified business continuity solution.

The Solution:

Because we are able to offer solutions that cover both IT and telephony the solution put forward by Midland was fairly simple by our standards. We increased broadband with an extra line and ensured all office areas were fully covered by WiFi.

I.T. was updated and improved, including new computers and printers where required.  IT was protected with a robust Firewall, additional virus protection security and off site data back-up.

Employees were given ‘hot-desking’ computer access, giving them the complete  flexibility of where they worked.

We updated all Microsoft 365 licenses where required, ensuring  no one paid for a license over and beyond their requirements, and set up company wide Sharepoint for in-house and remote access to file sharing.

Telephony was integrated via an 8×8 cloud platform.

Because of our cross discipline of IT and Telephony the platform is ready for full integration with Microsoft Teams if required.

The simple act of considering IT and Telephony as one platform removed any issues or bottlenecks with infrastructure and support.

The move to cloud hosted means that most support issues are covered via remote access anyway, further simplifying and proactively preventing issues or downtime.

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