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Cirencester Friendly Society plc.

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Location:    Cirencester

The Challenge

Cirencester Friendly Society plc had an aged BT PBX system which no longer fitted the requirements of their business. The legacy PBX was a single point of failure and did not provide  the second site a ‘break out’ service if the system was unavailable. The system supported limited call recording facilities and utilised simple digital handsets with no interaction with any desktop apps. There were no management or reporting facilities to enable calculated efficiency.

Cirencester Friendly Society needed a seamless VoIP communications solution to provide flexible low cost expansion along with enhanced functionality and improved communication handling for the organisation. Dynamic call routing, presence management, mobility, Contact Centre management and simple administration with centralised application management and transparency were also key recommendations.

The new communications solution for Cirencester Friendly Society also needed to be extremely reliable and future-proof, offering a VoIP solution with clear management and resilience to enable complete business continuity and facilitate a DR strategy.

The Solution

The prime aim of the new recommended solution was to provide a IP telephony system with disaster recovery and resilience to a second Disaster recovery site 20 miles away.

The second site is connected via 2Mb point to point leased line and will support seamless failover features.

Call Recording was supplied to cater for the call recordings of the two sites and enable supervisors to not only listen to historical call recordings but actively provide coaching both live and historic, with questionnaires.

Contact Centre Management & Reporting Apps are supplied  to monitor all users historically with the option of providing live call statistics as an option, with

Wallboards within the departments to give visibility of agents’ performance and call statistics

Customer Feedback

We approached Susie Beard-Moore, Head of Sales and Customer Care at  Cirencester Friendly to see if they would talk to us. Susie said she would but didn’t consider themselves to be a ‘contact centre’. They have a well trained customer care team who have no restrictions on the amount of time that can be spent on a call and no targets other than ensuring the reason for their clients call is resolved. She was however, happy to discuss how the new apps within the system helped them achieve this.

Here are highlights of the Q & A with Susie plus Jessica Arthurs and Paul Shepherd.

Has the new system benefitted your training process?

SB-M: Yes it has. We now have a ‘call listening’ facility which allows us to do call coaching training and critique our approach. It has helped us enhance our skills.

One of the potential hazards in installing a new system is downtime. How did this impact on you?

SB-M: We were aware that the Midland engineers and our ‘techie’ guys were going to ‘go live’ over a weekend. We went home on a Friday night and on the Monday morning walked in to find the new system ready for us to be trained on. No call downtime at all.

Did the training help with people’s ‘buy-in’ of the new apps?

SB-M: Very much, yes. It didn’t take long for Jayne (Midland Trainer) to show us how to use the system. In reality the system is actually easier because it is screen based, with click to call, and simple transfer of calls, but we wondered about the validity of some of the features at first. There was a little resistance to IM (Instant Messenger) but it quickly became apparent how useful it was.

Has the system helped you manage call traffic flow?

SB-M: I had nothing before on the legacy BT system. I had no idea of peak calls, peak times. I had no ability to plan busy periods – we just didn’t know, other than gut feeling, when they were. Now I have the statistics to analyse, even granularly down to 15 minute periods. That has allowed me to manage staffing and manage calls coming in to ensure they are answered much quicker than they  perhaps previously were.

PS: The MiCollab facility also helps in transferring calls to other departments. It allows you to see who is busy and who is available and put a call straight through without getting an engaged tone. That’s been really useful.

Does that Presence and Availability feature help your members when they call in?

JA: You’re not having to put them on hold. You can see who is available and put them straight through. It means a query is handled without any back and forth, and if we can see the right person is unavailable we can arrange a call back to the member. It makes everything smoother. This is an area where Instant Messenger came into it’s own, we message the call back details and then, when the person becomes available, IM is flashing up a message and the call is made.

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