SIP or VoIP Cloud Hosted Phone Systems

SIP or VoIP Cloud Hosted Phone Systems

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SIP or VoIP Cloud Hosted Telephony

For all businesses looking to replace a traditional, premise-based PBX system or upgrade from ISDN, the common alternatives are VoIP or SIP Trunks, a ready-made replacement for ISDN, connecting a business’s existing PBX to the providers national network via broadband, ethernet or a private circuit.

For for organisations looking to use those changes as opportunities for an improved staff and customer experience and a remote working solution, while moving to a scalable, reduced maintenance and fixed monthly cost model, then a VoIP, cloud hosted phone system is most likely the best route.

Both alternatives are available from Midland Comms so either way we are on hand to advise you and create the perfect upgrade solution with you and for you.

Below we look at why you should partner with Midland Comms, take a quick look at 8×8, and offer you jump off links to other platforms and areas of interest.

Global Platforms – Local Support

Midland Comms provide a range of the latest generation of cloud communication systems that allow you to interact with clients and colleagues from your desk, laptop or mobile devices, from global providers including 8×8, Microsoft Business Voice and Microsoft Teams and Gamma, through our Elevate branded Hosted platform.

We work with you to determine the right platform for your organisation’s needs, handle the implementation and provide all future support, locally, with our own in-house support team.

Midland Comms have over 40 years experience and our own in-house sales, support and engineering team, offering you a fully integrated office of IT and Telephony.

One Platform for Everything – 8×8 X Series

Go mobile – X Series includes 8×8 smartphone, tablet and desktop apps so you can keep working whether you’re at the office, at home or on the road. But to customers, it looks like you’re sitting at your desk.

Built for every business – Whether you have IT staff or none at all, X Series is quick to install and simple to use. From within your portal, easily manage settings and add new users. View reports on any device and track one monthly bill.

Grows with you – Wherever your business takes you, we’ll be right there with you. Add lines, extensions and features whenever you need. X Series scales with your business

Connect Customers and Employees

X Series puts the information your employees need right at their fingertips. Empowered with data-driven insights, your organisation can deliver exceptional customer experiences and help employees do their best work.

  • 8×8 Team Messaging – communicate and collaborate with internal teams, customers and external partners
  • NetSuite, Salesforce and Zendesk integrations – strengthen customer relationships
  • 8×8 Video Meetings – host audio and video conferences with up to 100 participants
  • Call recording and analytics – improve customer service and team performance
advanced-phone-features - image

Advanced Phone Feature

Communicate more profitably using dozens of
great Fortune 500 features like extension dialling,
auto attendant, ring groups, call
recording and Internet faxing.

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Collaborate Freely

Empower everyone to work together more effectively no matter where they are with collaboration capabilities like web conferencing and video meetings.
Go Mobile - image

Go Mobile & Global

Connect all your people, locations and devices with a single communication system that offers seamless mobile access and superior global reach.

Enjoy Savings

Save 50% or more on your monthly phone bill and up to 90% in deployment costs compared to traditional phone systems

Planned Cloud Migration Strategy & Pathway

Where You Are

As part of our consultative pathway we will evaluate your organisations current IT and Telephony capabilities and setup, plus the skills you want to migrate to the cloud. Together we will develop a strategy, designed to deliver the desired outcomes.

Where You Want To Be

Midland Comms will deliver an evaluation on the best platform and solutions pathway to include the office apps and software that are the bedrock of your organisation, plus any new applications that will enhance and meet your future business goals. 

How To Get There

The migration pathway will mitigate risk and, through a combination of global platform expertise and local engineering and in-house support, will strive for a minimum disruption, business as usual, migration to a future-proofed, scalable cloud IT and Telephony solution. 

Consultative Sales | Global Platforms | Local Support

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How 8x8 Helped...

…international recruitment company Tangent International needed a service provider that would enable it to easily communicate with its global customer base.

8×8’s cloud solution seamlessly enables global phone calls, conference calls, and videoconferencing to keep Tangent International at the top of their game.

Other 8×8 platform and phone system pages

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Experience Communications as a Service

Integrated contact centre, voice, video, chat & API’s

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X Series Plans to create a phone system that works for your company

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Integrate your phone system with Microsoft Teams

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Cloud solution for customer contact

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8 Chapters of UC Info

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8×8 Virtual Office Pro

ISDN Upgrade Pathway - image

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Consider Your ISDN Upgrade Pathway to Hosted
Understand StopSell Notices
ISDN Shutdown Timescale

Microsoft Teams jump off image

- Microsoft Teams -

Microsoft Teams for Collaboration

- 365 Business Voice -

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

365 Business Voice Jump Off Image
8x8 Jump Off image -Elevate

- Elevate Cloud Hosted -

Midland Comms branded VoIP system for SMB’s

Global Platforms - Local Support

High SLA's - In-House Support Team

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