Phones / Devices / Redundancy


These handsets are designed to provide a simple user experience with access to the full iPECS features and functionality

LIP 9002

Ideal for businesses needing to access the functionality of the Mi-Cloud platform with HD Voice and a headset interface. A perfect handset to deploy to all users requiring a simple interface to the Mi-Cloud platform.

LIP 9010 / /9020

These mid-range phones give businesses the full functionality of the iPECS platform with HD voice, full duplex and headset interface. These handsets offer additional programmable keys meaning you can quickly access the features your users need with a single button. The LIP-9020 includes gigabit support.

LIP 9030 / 9040

If your business receives a high volume of calls, integrated presence helps show user availability. This phone has programmable keys viewable across three pages. This high-end phone also includes gigabit support, HD Voice and a headset interface.

LIP 9071

This top-of-the-range handset delivers an immersive telephony and video user experience, with full touchscreen interface and Bluetooth integration. With HDMI output and full support for Android apps as well as web browsing means you have a phone, tablet and video conference unit in a single device.

Phones / Devices / Redundancy

Tailor for your users with the right devices for their needs

IP Dect

iPECS IP DECT provides your team with full access to the system regardles of their location. Perfect for staff on the move or working in warehouse, workshop or campus locations.

IP Attendent Reception Console

With high volumes of calls, a quick and easy interface to answer and transfer the calls is vital. IP Attendant provides a simple and intuitive tool to support a busy reception. Compatible with Windows PC environments.

LSS/DSS Console

This console enables you to collate all your key contacts onto a button on speed dial, creating efficient working and saving you time with the added bonus of viewing when your contacts are on another call.

Local Redundancy

You can complement Mi-Cloud with an  on-premise call server. This gives you complete peace of mind and business continuity.

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