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Improved Collaboration Between Teams and Clients

Efficient Communication To Deliver High Quality Service.

Legal, accountancy, financial services, agency, consultancy; whatever professional service your organisation offers; customer experience and interaction are paramount.

Customers, employees and business associates live, and do business in a digital world.

Social media, text messages, online chat and email are all digital channels that are used daily, and people switch from an office phone to a mobile, from a computer to a tablet expecting these channels to be readily available for their convenience.

Face to face interaction is now accompanied by phone, mobile, email, messaging or teleconferencing. In the office, out on site, on the move, at a home office – wherever your contacts can work most effectively.

So how do you ensure effective communication meets the needs of both your workforce and your customer, in today’s bustling, dynamic, want-it-yesterday business world?

How do you keep and maintain that contact as seamless as possible, when people are constantly on the move?

Telephony plays a big part. It forges links between dispersed teams, staff that hot desk and professionals that travel a lot, allowing calls to follow you rather than limiting them to your desk

Midland Comms deliver more flexibility and resilience to your organisation, enabling greater productivity and driving more value for your business.

We support a clear migration to fully unified communications; allowing people to connect, work and collaborate in a way they never could before. Recognising that for professionals, being out of contact risks business relationships, revenue and productivity.

All our solutions feature comprehensive backup and recovery options. A temporarily closed office or a failed line no longer means missed calls. In-built resilience minimises disruption and, when unavoidable, recovery plans can be implemented in seconds to route to other premises, to homes and to mobiles.

And you’ll appreciate our clear and accurate billing, all available online, to help you control costs and to bill your clients.

In Addition

Face To Face Collaboration

Efficiently handle a wide variety of inbound calls by matching staff to client needs. Easily assign incoming calls to the most suitable employee, and where necessary cases can be handled cross-team or with clients face to face over browser-based video, utilising the client’s own technology, such as a smart phone, laptop or tablet where available


Improve Mobile Productivity

Our mobility solutions allow staff to work smarter and deliver more flexible ways of working. Clients will benefit, because your staff will be using communications that better support the delivery of joined up customer service. This can be complimented with enterprise mobility, including One Number Anywhere availability and outbound notification features.

Call Recording

Easily search and retrieve past conversations. With the introduction of MiFID II, by 3rd January 2018, financial services firms must be able to reliably capture calls across all employee devices and communication channels used for client contact.  We can advise your organisation to ensure your current call recording system is satisfying the recording requirements stipulated by this legislation.

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