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Comms For The Healthcare Sector

Improve Collaboration Between Teams and Patients

Efficient Communication to Deliver High Quality Healthcare.

Improving patient safety, treatment and satisfaction, both efficiently and effectively are always high priorities.

From making real-time decisions in a hospital emergency ward, managing outpatient care or facilitating long-term assisted living, technology can assist. It can be designed around your needs accelerating communication and collaboration for hospitals, senior care facilities, health maintenance organisations (HMOs) and clinics.

We can provide you with advice and solutions to help streamline day-to-day tasks whilst keeping costs at a minimum in your facility.

Eliminate communication barriers and strengthen collaboration and team work through technology.

Unify Front Desk Operations:

Automate reminders, route inbound callers and announce when patients arrive at a facility. Minimise patient waiting times and reduce missed appointments.

Provide A Safe Environment:

Direct communication between patients and staff is critical for keeping patients safe when they are alone either at home or behind closed doors in a facility. Using collaboration applications, minimise time spent waiting to see a health care professional.

Control Costs:

Clinics and HMOs are constantly striving to improve patient care regardless of budgetary restrictions. Streamline front office and patient-related efficiencies without requiring a significant or costly infrastructure upgrade. From automating appointment reminders to replacing in-person visits with video conferences, we advise on solutions that work best for your needs.

Enable Patient-Centric Care:

Reduce administration time and increase actual patient time. We will help your clinic or HMO facility to simplify diagnosis and obtain second opinions by collaborating and sharing information with colleagues worldwide. Physicians can also quickly respond to patient needs and make timely decisions related to care.

In Addition

Face To Face Collaboration

Efficiently handle a wide variety of inbound calls by matching staff to patient needs. Easily assign incoming calls to the most suitable professional, and where necessary cases can be handled cross-team or with patients face to face over browser-based video, utilising the patient’s own technology, such as a smart phone, laptop or tablet where available.

Improve Mobile Productivity

Our mobility solutions allow staff to work smarter and deliver more flexible ways of working. Patients will benefit, because your staff will be using communications that better support the delivery of joined up healthcare. This can be complimented with enterprise mobility, including One Number Anywhere availability and outbound notification features.

Security and Safety Systems

We can also integrate mass notification over email or text and through a paging system offering voice evacuation fire alarms and a full ‘one button’ emergency lockdown procedure for healthcare establishments. Plus ‘Secure Data Vaults’ for sensitive information and full Data Back-up and Disaster Recovery procedures.


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