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Mitel & Google Cloud AI
Build Intelligent Customer Experiences with Mitel and Google Cloud AI

Future-Proofed Customer Experience with A.I.

Contact centres have evolved slowly over the years. For the past decade, it’s been about omni-channel. Before that, it was interactive voice response (IVR), and before that, it was skills-based evolution. This slow and steady progression is about to be further disrupted.

Mitel has drawn on years of contact centre expertise to create smarter contact centre AI solutions,  partnering with Google to transform the customer experience, powered by Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies.

Delivered using Mitel CloudLink, this intelligent customer experience technology works with all Mitel contact centre solutions, future-proof ing your communications investment for ever-changing innovation.

Beyond The Chatbot: Google Contact Centre Ai

Chatbots have brought us a long way toward a more responsive customer experience, but they are cumbersome and can be costly to implement and maintain. To take virtual agents to the next level, Mitel partnership with Google will bring artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into contact centre solutions.
The resulting capabilities accelerate and automate work streams within the contact centre while helping present customers with pertinent information more quickly.

How Does Contact Centre Artificial Intelligence Work?

With a traditional chatbot, a contact centre team is responsible for predicting what their customers are going to ask, and painstakingly scripting each interaction. This Mitel/Google AI combined solution connects the customer directly to your company’s knowledge base, shifting chatbot implementation time from months to days. Using natural language processing (NLP), this intelligent customer experience solution understands what your customers are saying, chatting or texting without requiring specific phrasing, and a virtual agent responds in real-time whether a human agent is available or not.

If the virtual agent reaches a question or situation it cannot handle alone, the virtual agent can then involve a live agent in the conversation, feeding conversation details directly to a human agent. The intelligent experience doesn’t end there, however. Leveraging machine learning (ML), the solution will continue to observe the customer-agent interaction, suggesting relevant options or content to the agent and monitoring which responses come to a successful conclusion.

The end result? Your agent receives real-time coaching from the Agent Assist capability, to be more accurate and more responsive in delivering an improved customer experience.

Our AI analytics leverage the power of natural language processing (NLP) to interpret why your customers are contacting you, to provide trend analysis on the most common areas for improving your products, user interfaces and information availability. These real-time insights enable you to continuously improve your customer experience more quickly than after-the-fact satisfaction metrics. Where most solutions focus on agent efficiency, our intelligent customer experience capability can now measure customer interactions that directly relate to customer satisfaction.

Responsible Ai

Mitel is also engaging with Google Cloud around the responsible use of AI. This includes best practices such as disclosing when customers are talking to a bot, and education around issues such as unconscious bias and the future of work. Mitel is committed to adhering to these practices and will implement responsible disclosure settings that inform callers when they’re speaking to a bot.

Demo: How It Works

Watch the video below to see how Mitel contact centre solutions leverage Google Cloud AI and machine learning capabilities to deliver more seamless customer interactions. Discover how the technology:

  • Uses the virtual agent chatbot and AI analytics to respond to common customer needs
  • Stays with each call, SMS or chat to find the best information for each customer
  • Learns what works and what doesn’t to improve future interactions
  • Simplifies agent workflows with smart virtual agent assist

See It In Action – Mitel Case Study

Travel management corporation, Acendas Travel, has associates spread across six time zones and customers around the globe. As a long-time Mitel customer, Acendas knows that its phone system is the most important touchpoint it has with its customers. With the inherent opportunities for plans to go awry during travel, the ability to contact your travel agent is an immediate, urgent need for many customers. Acendas was looking for ways that technology could help bring a level of specialisation to the travel agent role, and wanted to partner with a company who could help them more proactively address their customers’ needs. 

“Acendas Travel strives to be the best at creating and developing lasting client relationships and our Mitel solution is the most important system we have supporting that. We are excited to work with Mitel to leverage Artificial Intelligence to improve customer experience by personalising interactions, enhancing support and helping our advisors be more effective in providing consultative vacation planning,” Acendas Chief Technology Officer, Rodney Pattison. 

By leveraging Mitel’s intelligent customer experience capabilities powered by Google Cloud with their Mitel contact centre solution, Acendas is better able to create a tailored customer experience designed to build lifelong customers. 

Watch how Acendas reimagined their customer experience now.

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