It might look pretty outside in some parts of the UK at the moment, children may be enjoying time off school, but many firms will be counting the cost.

Employees can’t get to work, trains are delayed or cancelled, dangerous driving conditions causing havoc with planning or already scheduled meetings and all-round productivity has dropped.

We’ve seen headlines this week from many large organisations announcing the impact that the weather is having on their business.

“UK support services may be disrupted due to the adverse weather”

“Extreme weather has made it unsafe for a large number of our teams to get to work and many of our call centres are closed”

Now we have Storm Emma arriving, how will the uncertainty of the coming days affect you?

How has your Disaster Recovery Policy faired during the bad weather?

During adverse weather, maintaining normal channels of communication between staff and with customers is absolutely essential for productivity and client relations.  While your offices are being battered by storms and blizzards, customers elsewhere could be enjoying normal working conditions – and so could your competitors.

Has your business continued to run smoothly this week, or do you need help reviewing your plans for next time?


Unified communications can ensure that your company remains agile whatever the weather. Using digital, cloud based-technology will help you remain responsive and available to your customers’ needs and expectations.   If your employees can’t get to work, remote working will allow them to work collaboratively as if they were in the same office.

Customers live and do business in a digital world and this world brings new expectations.  The impact of digital transformation is a reality. It enables you to remain connected, productive and committed to delivering a great customer experience.

If you’d like to find out more about planning for the future or using technology to maintain productivity whatever the weather, you can find more about the services we offer.

Or if you’d prefer to talk to us, please get in touch.

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