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Customer Service with Video Interaction

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Customer Service with Video Interaction

Live Support with the Click of a Link

From consultations to insurance claims to customer support, our Video Interaction API lets you be there, even when you can’t.

Gone are the days of long phone calls and emailed screenshots. Within 8×8 Contact Centre the Video Interaction solution lets customers start a live video chat with agents to get real-time personalised service.

Click a Link and Connect

Video Interaction is completely web-based and designed for mobile phones, meaning customers don’t need to hassle with downloads. Once they click your link, you’ll both be connected.

Trust is Earned Face to Face

Just because you can’t be on-site, doesn’t mean you can’t be there. Our Video Interaction platform improves customer service, provides assistance, and builds trust face-to-face.

Watch videos below related to the Video Interaction api

Introduction to Video Interaction api – Wavecell

SMS Engage – Send QR Codes

SMS Engage – Customer Feedback

It’s Time To Change The Way You Talk To Customers


Remote Support

Improve customer satisfaction, decrease costs, and provide better support to field agents.


Process claims faster by seeing damage, reduce resource costs, and virtually onboard new clients.

Customer Engagement

Walk customers through documents, improve conversion rates, and build trust.


Decrease walk-ins with live video consultations, remotely monitor patients, and increase overall satisfaction.

Contact Centre Collaboration – The Future Is Here!

Omnichannel Routing

Never miss a customer satisfaction opportunity. Contact Centre brings web, chat, SMS, social media, and voice channels on to one central platform.


  • Skill-based routing
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Queued Callback
  • Web Callback
  • Inbound Chat, Email, Social Channels

Agent Productivity

Achieve lightning-fast first contact resolution every time. 8×8’s intuitive interface and comprehensive internal communications hub equips contact centre agents to manage every customer engagement swiftly and optimally.


  • Knowledgebase
  • Expert Connect
  • Co-browse
  • Predictive dialer


Access real-time analytics and reporting from any internet-connected device. Contact Centre shows you queues, customer journeys, and wait times across each of your customer engagement channels.


  • Historical and real time reports
  • Customer Experience Analytics
  • Speech Analytics


8×8 supports comprehensive CRM integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and more. Place calls directly from your preferred system and log customer interactions automatically.


  • Native CRM
  • CRM Integration (Third Party)
  • 8×8 Secure Pay
  • Video Interaction – Wavecell

Supervisor Enablement

8×8 empowers supervisors and agents alike with smart scheduling, individualised performance plans, and coaching tools to connect supervisors directly to agents without interrupting the customer experience.


  • Barge, Monitor, Whisper
  • Internal Chat for Agents and Supervisors
  • Quality Management
  • Voice and Screen Recording and Archiving

How does 8×8 Contact Centre Software scale my contact centre operations?

With Hosted Solutions

The 8×8 Contact Centre is enterprise-ready. Select the number of seats you need, choose your level of integration, and get online in minutes. The 8×8 Contact Centre helps future-proof businesses by doing away with costly upgrades and disjointed version control issues that have bogged down operations.

With Advanced Features

The 8×8 Contact Centre is loaded with a full suite of customer care features. See the difference skills based routing, self-service and guided interactive voice response, speech analytics, proactive chat, CTI screen pop-ins, co-browsing,and workforce management tools can make for your customer communications. Ensuring satisfaction has never been easier.


With Global Reach

8×8’s global network of data centres include five locations in North America, four in Europe, and centres in India, China, and Brazil. Our patented geo-routing sends calls to the nearest data centre, so customers experience crystal clarity with none of the lag time or voice delays that can derail international conversations. Additionally, automatic chat translation eliminates one of the biggest hurdles to providing great customer support everywhere you operate. Customers chats are translated automatically into your agents’ own language, and vice versa, for quicker, easier interactions.


With Assured Security

8×8 holds more compliance certifications than any other contact centre service provider. In addition to HIPAA and FISMA certifications, our software conforms to the ISO/IEC 27001 framework on information security management. With 8×8’s added information privacy protocols, contact centre supervisors can protect sensitive data entry fields with ease. Once secured, the only person who can see the information is the customer – a customer service representative will see only asterisks


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