Specialist Solutions For Education Facilities

Mass Notification, Lockdown, WiFi, IT, Comms

Comms For Education Facilities

Mass Notification, Paging, Lockdown, IT, Communications
At Midland Comms, we have vast experience in working with schools and other educational organisations; assisting with unique needs and challenges faced.

We sell a promise; of experience, knowledge and care in the delivery of needs-based communication solutions.  Covering all aspects, both internal and external, we work to help make good schools better at communicating.

  • Maintaining contact with staff, pupils and parents through individual or mass notification methods;
  • Robust internet connection and
  • All aspects of PA and paging. This includes the ability to ‘talk-back’ through PA speakers and the ability for ‘one button lockdown’ in any given emergency situation.

We can also improve the experience for parents and callers by helping you move away from costly 08 numbers and onto 01, 02 or 030 numbers. We can also back that with sophisticated call control, so people always get through to the right person, more quickly.

As more staff and students are now expecting to be able to communicate whilst on the move or at home, as well as on campus; our mobile, data and hosted telephony solutions can help you meet the challenge of flexible working.

A few practical ways we can help your educational organisation

  • Manage call peaks and reduce call abandonment. ‘Queue Busting’ allows for intelligent call handling including multiple voicemail and variable auto attendant
  • Mass notification to parents and staff across a variety of media including email and SMS text
  • Keeping your staff and pupils safe from the outside world with School Emergency Lockdown systems
  • Disaster Recovery. Planning for the unexpected to minimise the effects of a disaster, enabling you to continue to operate or quickly resume critical functions
  • Call Recording as an optional add-on
  • Distance Learning solutions
  • Fast Internet over broadband or supplied leased lines
  • Wi-Fi for both students and guests

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