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Midland Comms offer a range of solutions that enhance communications and safety across education facilities.

  • Contact Centre solutions for Universities that include money saving, flexible licensing over the busy Admissions/Clearing periods.
  • Cloud Hosted Telephony, Microsoft Teams integration, Broadband and WiFi for schools, colleges of all sizes.
  • Managed IT, for greater control and support of computers, software licensing and cyber security. Through to complete Integrated ICT platforms
  • Public Address systems including Bell Timing
  • School Emergency Lockdown Systems with One Button Alert
  • Internal and External Network Crisis Notification via SMS, Email, etc.
  • Lecture Room/Classroom fixed or portable sound reinforcement.
  • Lesson capture and online lesson delivery solutions. lessons can be recorded, shared and archived so students can access lessons for review at their convenience.

Our specialists can advise and implement the most suitable system for the needs and requirements of your campus.

What Do You Need From Your Telephony?

For universities the 8×8 eXperience Communications Platform integrates contact centre, voice, video, chat, and APIs on a single platform to empower universities with the communication capabilities that deliver campus-wide collaboration, real-time student engagement and the flexibility to quickly adjust to dynamic events such as Admissions/Clearing.

For colleges and schools there will also be an X Series service plan tailored to each establishments needs, whatever their size and designed to optimise cost and productivity.

What features do you need to achieve, or would benefit from?

  • Enable administrators, teachers, students to
    connect from anywhere, anytime on any device.
  • Make and receive calls directly in Microsoft Teams.
  • Support Clearing with short-term (30, 60, 90 day)
    omni-channel Contact Centre licenses.*
  • Deliver innovative, affordable online courses
    anywhere using video meetings.
  • Enhance student convenience and well being
    with multichannel contact centres.
  • Manage the entire environment from a single,
    unified Admin Console.
  • Provide the services you need today but with
    the flexibility to easily add new capabilities
    when required.

Talk to Midland Comms to discuss what you need to achieve and we will implement the right plan for you.

* Communications uptime is critical for universities to support annual clearing, student access to welfare services and important programme information. The 8×8 Experience Communications Platform ensures secure service delivery communications. And, it’s backed by the industry’s first and only platform-wide 99.999% uptime SLA across both UCaaS and CCaaS.

8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams

8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based direct routing service that enables Teams users to make and receive calls over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) using the native Teams desktop, mobile or web app. For colleges and universities that have adopted Microsoft Teams, 8×8 integrates directly with it using a simple three-step process of Authorisation, Connection and Match to Use.

8×8 can also connect your existing contact centre to the rest of the organisation through a Microsoft certified Teams integration

PA & Paging

We provide Public Address (PA) or Paging “Tannoy” systems, fixed or PA over IP (networked audio), to exactly suit your requirements.

Systems are typically used internally for Voice Evacuation, Fire and Refuge Alarms, Paging, Background Music, Sound Masking or clear Lecture and Classroom audio delivery.

We can also provide external mass notification apps within the systems.

Other education solutions, include School Emergency Lockdown, Lesson Capture and Delivery systems and Bell Timing systems.

With our expertise and capability to provide communications solutions across industry and vertical markets, we are focused on ensuring that one size does not fit all and that any solution proposed for your business is the right one for your specific needs.

School Security Alert System & Lockdown

If your facility should face an intruder threat or similar crisis situation you need to simplify and automate the emergency protocol as much as possible to take into account the pressure or panic that may affect human input.

One Button Alert will relay a pre-determined alarm tone or message over the school-wide public address system, informing staff and pupils to initiate the pre-rehearsed school emergency lockdown procedure. If preferred you can tigger an alert to the mobile phones or desktops of staff members and allow them to follow your pre-determined procedure to reduce panic among pupils.

You can install as many panic buttons as deemed necessary, with software that will indicate from where the emergency alert has originated.


Trigger notification via the web or a phone call using a landline phone, IP phone, computer or mobile device

Athoc Notification - icon

Send voice, audio and text notifications to a variety of personal and mass communication devices

At Hoc Knowledge - icon

Recipients acknowledge messages by replying via their channel and on device of their choice

At Hoc Notification Reports icon

Admin runs real-time reports on broadcast progress: confirmed, unconfirmed, failed

Mix PA and Mass Notification applications for the ultimate emergency lockdown solution. Invite us in to assess your site and advise on a system.


Lockdown System Doubles As A Multi-Purpose PA System

Although purpose built to satisfy the possibility of a crisis situation the system will double as a fully-functioning PA and Paging system, allowing you to use it for:-

  • Basic PA & Paging purposes
  • Automated Class Change Scheduling/Bell Timing
  • Music Broadcast

In a crisis situation the Emergency Alert System takes priority of any other usage. The other applications within the system can be set to operate in across sites and/or selected areas only, for example, you have the ability to exclude a hall in use for exams, etc.

This system is fully cabled with optional battery back-up to ensure continuous uptime. In additional to permanently sited ‘Panic Buttons’ staff can also be issued with portable, wireless buttons to activate a lockdown.

Capture Lessons with Juno – Then Deliver

Use Juno to easily capture video recordings of live lessons including whats on the display. Juno automatically names and uploads the video to the school LMS or website.

Lesson Capture provides an audio and visual record which students can repeat as many times as they need.

Teachers can capture their lessons while they deliver them whether their class is in person or remote, and automatically upload them for asynchronous learning on their school’s LMS.

The Easiest Lesson Capture Software  – Teacher Edition

Lesson Capture Software - imageNo complicated editing, no endless buttons and options that don’t get used. Just capture and share lessons for students to review later, or “flip” your whole classroom!

When designing Teacher Edition, our number one priority was to make sure it was easy to use, for anyone.
No complicated editing, no endless buttons and options that don’t get used. Just capture and share lessons for students to review later, or “flip” your whole classroom!

With Juno you can record voice and screen with Lesson Capture software for Mac & Windows

PArks Primary School Lockdown PA - image

How We Helped...

Parks Primary School in Leicester asked us to specify and install a through-school system which would meet their needs for day-to-day public address, as well as providing an emergency communication system to support their Lockdown Procedure…

How We Helped...

When the University of Notre Dame London Global Gateway considered the need for an evacuation and security warning public address system, they called upon our services  to suggest a site-wide audio solution which could quickly and easily be implemented throughout the Central London based building without affecting the integrity of the Grade 2 listed building.

University of Notre Dame London - image

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