Life After ISDN

Moving Forward

Life After ISDN

Moving Forward

Life after ISDN will quite literally be onwards and upwards…towards the cloud

BT has announced that they will be closing their ISDN services over coming years which means you could be one of several thousand businesses that need to consider your options ahead of this. 

Hosted telephony is a great alternative, offering as many or as little features as you need and brings you resilience and reliability.

For modern businesses, there is no longer a good reason to continue working with an ISDN-based telecommunications solution which is why we’re delighted to be launching a new solution, Elevate. 

If you’re currently an ISDN customer and are unsure as to next steps, we hope our Elevate brochure will assist you. 

Call us on 0808 156 7080 to find out more or to get a no obligation demonstration use the Demo Request Form.

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To view information on Elevate as a webpage follow this link…

In case you missed it we’re also offering you another opportunity to download our recent eBook on Cloud Communications & the Modern Workplace, please just click here to access this.

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