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Midland Comms provide business mobiles as an integrated extension to your business telephone system and IT – giving you ‘one number anywhere’ flexibility for calls plus connectivity to your office apps while on the move – including choices of voice and data tariffs for mobiles or data only tariffs for laptops.

Today, most business is done digitally – brainstorming in a virtual meeting on a laptop or responding to customers via webchat on our mobile phone.

The IoT, bringing these devices together, is improving these processes behind the scenes by benefiting from 5G’s low latency, super-fast network. Businesses can harness its power to elevate the service being delivered to their customers. Response times are faster, apps are more seamless, and employees feel confident and in control knowing they have the best tools for the job.

Benefit from one point of contact for sales and support across your business mobiles, office phone system and IT, plus, manage your companies mobile fleet usage yourself, through a simple to use portal

View/Download Infographic ‘What You Need To Know About 5G’

Control Your Business Mobiles

Manage my Mobiles dashboard imageManage My Mobile – mobile fleet administrator portal

Manage My Mobiles is a mobile fleet administrator portal that allows a company control over its mobile fleet. A simple to use and highly functional portal that puts the power of a mobile network into the hands of the person that needs it the most – the business owner/manager.

Respond quickly to your staff when they need call bars applied or lifted, or their calls forwarded automatically to another number, ensuring that down time is kept to a minimum.

As well as applying network settings directly on the core of the mobile network, Manage My Mobiles provides you with usage reports which you can configure and send out as usage alerts for everyone within your company.

Functionality of Manage My Mobiles

The wide range of functions in Manage My Mobiles enables you to carry out the following network actions:

Call Barring Options

  • Outgoing Voice Calls
  • Incoming Voice Calls
  • Outgoing SMS
  • Incoming SMS
  • Premium Access

Data Barring Options

  • Data
  • Enable Adult Content
  • Data Roaming

View Usage/Set Alerts

You can view voice, data and SMS usage within your company. Total usage can be viewed either at company level, group level (such as cost centre) and by person. The reports are easily downloaded to review when you need them.

Our latest business mobile contract offerings are the most flexible we have ever been able to provide – as standalone contracts or, better still, coupled within our Managed IT solution for integrated communications with Managed Device and Security.

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