GDC-800H Handset Key Features Guide

Button Guide

  1. Display screen: Displays your phones status, date  and time, missed call icon, signal and battery strength.
  2. Side volume key: Allows you to adjust the key tone  volume or adjust the earpiece volume during a call.
  3. Mute key: Mutes outbound speech when on a call
  4. Navigation/OK Key: Scroll and select the phones  menu options.
  5. Left selection key: Use to place a call on hold.  Use to select and save your changes whilst in the  programming mode.
  6. Speaker phone: Place call on loud speaker
  7. Send key: Place or receive calls, or access call  history.
  8. Keypad: Enter numbers, characters, and navigate  within menus.
  9. Lock mode: Allows you to lock the phone from  standby mode.
  10. Mic: Transmits voice.
  11. Headset port: Headset plug-in.
  12. Right selection key: Allows you to transfer an active  call and view call log.
  13. Menu: Menu options.
  14. End/Power Key: Turn the phone on or off, end a call,  or return to standby mode. While in the main menu, it  returns the phone to standby mode and cancels your  input.
  15. Mute: Silences phone sounds.

Dealing With Calls

Answering an Incoming Call

When the phone rings or vibrates, press the send key.

If the headset provided is plugged into the phone, you can answer an incoming call by pressing the  mic button on the headset when the ring sounds.

Making an internal or external call from call history

You can make a call after searching the call history – access call log through the left selection key or send key or scroll through your list of numbers and press the send key to dial.

Making an Internal or External Call from Dialling a Phone Number

Make a call to an internal (another user in your system) or to an external party by entering the number and pressing the Send Key.

Making an Internal or External Call from the Phone Book

Press the left selection key to access contacts and search  phonebook
Select the required contact and press the send key to dial.

Placing A Call On Hold

During a call press left selection key.
Return to the caller by pressing the left selection key.

Rejecting A Call

Press the End/Power Key.

Speed Dial

Speed Dial

Assign a speed dial by selecting the contact, press the right selection key, scroll to speed   dial, press select and assign a number.

To dial your assigned speed dials, simply hold the digit  down.

Transferring A Call

Transferring A Call

From an active call, press the right selection key, dial the desired number, then press the  left selection key to complete the transfer.

For an announced transfer press the right selection key, dial the desired number, and press the  send key. On pick up press transfer to complete call, conf. to conference in all parties or swap to toggle between callers. To cancel an announced transfer, simply press the end call key.

Call Forward

Call Forward

Use the call forward features to redirect incoming calls from your phone to another  number.

Press the menu key to access menu options, navigate to settings, scroll to call forward followed  by one of the options below:

Forward Unconditionally: Select option. Turn feature on with right select key then select  forward destination.

Repeat steps as forward unconditionally for Forward no answer and Forward  busy.

Call Log

Call Log

To view your call history use right selection key or press the menu key, followed by the phone icon  (calls).

Locking Your Keyboard

Keypad Lock

Hold down the keypad lock button to lock the keypad.

To release keypad lock, press and hold the keypad lock button.


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