The next generation of Wi-Fi, known as 802.11ax is on its way. It is said that this new generation will be a lot faster than current standards but what’s getting people’s attention is that it is believed it will perform better in environments where lots of devices are connected.

This is great news for public hotspots but also for your office and even your house. The average office and house has so many devices lying around these days that require Wi-Fi; phones, tablets, smart gadgets, the list goes on!

You don’t have to research to know that there are more devices connected to Wi-Fi than there are to mobile/cellular data networks; therefore, the future of Wi-Fi is being driven by the need for coverage to accommodate emerging technologies and the increasing number of connected devices.

Networks have always been a constraining factor in organisations, but we are starting to really see global communications – and benefit from a fantastic experience.

How much time and missed opportunity is yesterday’s network design costing today’s organisation? For many, the cloud has already disrupted their software, communications, and storage to scale and simplify operations – so why not networks?

When can we hope to benefit from this?

There is no launch date confirmed as yet.

Intel has already announced this month that they’ll have chips ready for routers and consumer retail devices this year and that these will support this new generation of Wi-Fi.

Other suppliers are also getting ready to roll out their hardware this year. Industry experts stated that the new standard won’t be rolled until 2019 which is great news if you’re planning the next 12-18 months of your IT strategy now.

Where can I find out more?

If you have yet to hear much about 11ax, we’re hosting a short webinar on 1st February whereby we’re arranged for an expert guest speaker to shed some light on this and to answer your questions.

Qualified attendees can also get their hands on a free 11ac Wi-Fi Access Point and network switch to start trying enterprise cloud networking for themselves.

If you’d like to find out more please register and join us on the webinar.

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