Life After ISDN

How to Make the Move to the Cloud

How to Make the Move to the Cloud

Earlier this year, we emailed advising that BT is planning to phase out and ultimately shut down their ISDN and PSTN networks over coming years as new, more improved technology is available to businesses across the UK.

Recent headlines suggest existing ISDN customers may wish to begin considering their options sooner rather than later, but this traditional system is still being used by many businesses

Life after ISDN will quite literally be onwards and upwards…towards the cloud.

With the cost saving potential of a cloud solution, as well as its resilience and reliability, it is the common-sense option for any organisation looking to be truly always on, and to provide customers with a first-class experience.

The benefits of moving to the cloud can transform business communications and the process of switching is simple and safe, even for the most risk averse of businesses.

For modern businesses, there is no longer a good reason to continue working with an ISDN-based telecommunications solution.

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