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Content Shared Across Applications

Introduction to Microsoft Fluid

Microsoft Content Shared Across Applications

Microsoft are working hard to make their apps fit in with the Hybrid working model, and all that encompasses – enabling people to work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, – that has grown quickly during the Covid pandemic. Their latest mission is to allow employees to ‘participate on an equal footing – at home, onsite or on the go’.

A big part of this concept is the development of Microsoft Fluid Office. As an application it streamlines collaborative work and reinvents Office 365s individual applications. It is probably the biggest update to Microsoft Office in decades.

Rolled out in Teams, instead of content bound to specific documents, Fluid components are collaborative modules that exist across different applications, and are embeddable in meetings and chats.

It is now spreading to OneNote, Outlook and Whiteboard, allowing blocks of Office content to be shared across the web.

This page gives an introduction to Microsoft Fluid Office

If Microsoft gets the integration of Fluid right, it will forever change the way documents are created, shared, and, ultimately, how work gets done. (The Verge)

Video Introduction to Microsoft Fluid

Fluid components bring content and conversations together in a single, portable experience that is always up-to-date. People on a team can work at their own pace and drive great outcomes as a team. Microsoft 365 gets more done faster with fewer meetings while providing a more inclusive, collaborative experience for everyone


Tips & Tricks with Microsoft Fluid

Midland Comms will update information on Fluid as it rolls out.

For more insight into the early development and the thinking behind we have linked to two very well written blogs below.

What is Microsoft Fluid Office

Microsoft Fluid Components

Fluid will become an integral part of Microsoft 365 going forward.

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