Phone Systems are Evolving

BT ISDN Shut Down Speeds Up Need For Cloud Hosted Adoption

Phone Systems are Evolving

BT ISDN Shut Down Speeds Up Need For Cloud Hosted Phone Systems Adoption

You may have received sales calls from other Telecoms providers which are taking a pressurised approach to replacing ISDN lines with new technology now.

This only applies to organisations with phone systems utilising copper-based technology, ISDN lines. Do not be rushed into a decision based on these fear tactic selling approaches.

While the underlying statements are true and ISDN will be defunct permanently from the end of 2025 and, in some areas, where a StopSell notice is given, it will no longer be possible to order/upgrade new systems based on ISDN, copper-based connectivity, however, in most areas,* your existing telephone system will continue to work as is until the end of 2025, giving you time to investigate and plan your alternatives.

The common alternatives are SIP Trunks, a ready-made replacement for ISDN, connecting a business’s existing PBX to the providers national network via broadband, ethernet or a private circuit and Cloud Hosted phone systems, both available from Midland Comms.

For our existing ISDN customers your Midland Comms account manager will continue to service you and keep you abreast of changes, and will be in contact to discuss your options and help you manage the process to a cloud hosted system.

There are many advantages and new collaboration tools built into cloud-based systems that would mean a pre-end 2025 adoption to upgrading now would make sense.

Talk to us and we will help sift you through options and begin the journey to the cloud.

StopSell Notices – What’s The Reality?

BT no longer supply new orders of ISDN.

Existing ISDN lines are being phased out with a final end of life in 2025.

ISDN Stop-Sell Flow Chart

When Should We Change?

The Journey To The Cloud

Yes, if you are on ISDN you do need to consider your future options, and, if you are ready to start your transition now, then Midland Comms can help.

Midland Comms can move your existing PBX over to SIP Trunking, however, If you are still currently running a traditional PBX on your premises you could be missing out on improved efficiency and enhanced communication capabilities. Moving to a hosted phone system can mean enjoying a huge host of benefits thanks to the massive range of features that cloud-based telephony offers.

Take advantage of various useful call management features. Integrate not only mobiles but other devices too.

Those considering upgrading to hosted telephony don’t need to cover any costs for hardware, software or maintenance upfront.

Midland Comms offer a complete cloud hosted communications service that gives you the tools you need to achieve just that, including:

  • A single phone system to connect all your offices and home workers seamlessly
  • Enhanced features to support customer service delivery
  • Access to new features and upgrades as soon as they’re released
  • Interoperability between mobile and fixed lines

With most companies moving to the cloud when ISDN shuts down end 2025, you can beat the rush and start planning a smooth, traffic jam free journey with us now.

Most journeys are better taken together.

On the journey to a cloud hosted phone system Midland Comms can help you plan the route too!

Replacing ISDN | Cost | Scalability | Reliability


SIP trunking is less costly per channel for line rental than ISDN, but can also deliver savings on call costs. Hosted Telephony negates the need for PBX maintenance costs and offers transparent price per. user models, and more…


The addition of new lines or users and new office locations becomes a simple, pain free process. Line capacity to meet demand can be managed effectively without fuss and in most cases, call routing can be controlled easily.


SIP trunking and fully-hosted phone systems, come with in-built resilience features. These ensure that  business continuity can be maintained, with instant failover of voice traffic to a different line or even mobiles.

Replacing ISDN

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What is ISDN?

ISDN requires a PBX telephone system fitted and is often more expensive compared to a VoIP hosted phone system. ISDN carries voice and data services over copper PSTN lines in a digital format which provides better voice quality. In the UK, British Telecom (BT) provides ISDN2 as well as ISDN30. ISDN2 enables two concurrent telephone calls at the same time over one PSTN line but can be expanded up to 8 telephone lines. ISDN30 is used by businesses that require 10-30 lines or more. Both types of ISDN lines include the option of adding DDI (Direct Dialling In) numbers that are used with a PBX to provide staff with individual numbers that allow callers to bypass the operator and be directed straight to the required extension. As businesses gain access to better quality broadband services, ISDN lines will fast be phased out as organisations adopt a more cost-effective, efficient way of working with a cloud hosted VoIP phone system

What is PSTN

PSTN is commonly referred to as a basic single analogue telephone line that is primarily used for making voice calls, connecting to fax machines, payment terminals and connecting to a router for internet connections such as ADSL2+ (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber line) and FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet). PSTN technology is extremely old, used by millions of homes and small businesses throughout the UK who only need one telephone number, the ability to make or receive one concurrent telephone call and for UK broadband services mentioned. Generally speaking, PSTN lines do not require a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) known as a business telephone system and are gradually being phased out with the introduction FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) and hosted VoIP telephony services.

Panasonic Withdraws from Business Communication

Midland Comms and other Panasonic resellers were informed by email of Panasonic’s decision to withdraw from the Business Communications market, stating that “Panasonic felt the future of the business was “untenable and unpredictable”, adding that a “mismatch” between factory assets and market demands and R&D activities that “lagged behind” its competitors, meant the business is running at a “constant financial deficit.”

There is a full news story at UC Today if you have further interest.

Why is ISDN and PSTN Being Phased Out

BT has acknowledged that these systems are out-of-date and have decided not to invest any more time and money on outdated technology. The future is cloud hosted VoIP systems.

Explore our website for cloud hosted system information and choices or get in touch.

A 2017 survey has also shown that a quarter of the UK’s businesses are still unaware that the great BT switch off is even taking place.


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