LDP-9224D Handset Key Features Guide

Button Guide

  1. LCD Screen: Displays your phones status, dialing  directories, and text message information.
  2. Soft keys: Soft keys are interactive, changing function based on the phones status.
  3. Flexible Button (‘flex key’): a line or feature can be assigned to these 24 flexible buttons – ask your system  administrator for help.
  4. Flash button: use the flash button to dial straight out to  another line once you have finished a call.
  5. Speed: assign or use assigned speed dial numbers.
  6. Trans/PGM: transfer the current active call or access  the Program menu while the phone is idle.
  7. Directory: Accesses your private or public directory for  speed dialing.
  8. DND (Do-Not-Disturb): blocks incoming calls. You can  also activate Do-Not-Disturb while the phone is ringing.  Use to allow you to forward all calls to another number
  9. Call Back: when a light shows on the call back button  this indicates you have a message, use to access your  Voice Mailbox.
  10. Mute: mute the call so that the caller cannot hear your voice.
  11. Hold/Save: Use to place a call on Hold. Also, use to  access a held call. In menu mode, it saves your inputs.
  12. Headset: when a headset is connected, toggle call  between headset and speaker.
  13. Flash button: use the flash button to dial straight out to  another line once you have finished a call.
  14. Volume control: adjust the ring, headset, handset, and speaker volume.
  15. Speakerphone: toggle the speakerphone on and off  during a call. The button will automatically illuminate  when the phone is in menu mode.
  16. Navigation key: use to navigation through the soft keys and menu options.

Dealing With Calls

Answering an Incoming Call

Lift the handset or press the flashing Flex button (as needed), the call will be  connected.
You may also use pick up codes assigned by your installer engineer to answer other ringing handsets  from your desk phone.
To answer a call on another extension that is programmed to one of the phones 12 flex keys, press  the flashing flex key before lifting the handset.

Making An External Call

Lift the handset and press a free flex key allocated to a line, or dial 9 to pick up an outside line. Once you have an outside line, dial your number.

Making an Internal Call

Lift the handset. Dial the extension Number or press the flex key assigned to the contact.

Rejecting A Call

Press the DND button when a call comes in – the caller will get a busy  tone.

Placing A Call On Hold

During a call, press the Hold/Savebutton.
To reconnect the call, press the flashing line key.

Quick Access Call Tools

Speed Dial

Lift the handset
Press the Speedbutton
Dial the desired System or Station Speed Dial number

Last Number Redial (LNR)

The last number dialed on an external call is automatically saved in the Last Number Redial (LNR) buffer.
Register redial to a flex button.
Lift the handset.
Press the speed button Dial *
Select the Redial flex key
Use the Volume keys to select from the last numbers dialed or received  Press the OK soft button or Hold/Savebutton

Call Waiting

Camp On

When dialing an extension that is engaged, the Camp On feature allows the station to be notified  that there is a call waiting. If the called party is busy, you may activate Camp-On which allows you to  wait off-hook for the called station to answer.

Press * and await an answer.

Transferring A Call

Transferring A Call

During an active call, press the Transfer button
Call the required recipients number
For unscreened Call Transfer simply hang-up
For screened Call Transfer, when the call is answered, announce the call and  hang-up

Returning To Caller From A Transfer

Press the flashing line key or press trans/PGM.


Makes your extension unavailable.

Press the DND key to activate.
Press the DND key again to deactivate.

Ad Hoc Conference Calls
3 way calling

Establish a call with one of the desired conference parties,  Select the conf soft button
Establish call with the other conference party,
Press the conf soft button to establish the conference.
To place a conference call on hold, press the Hold/Save button. Press again to retrieve the  conference.

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