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Fully Managed IT Business Solutions

Whether new build or a digital transformation upgrade, we partner with industry-leading providers, including Microsoft and 8×8, to deploy the products and solutions your organisation needs for success.

From consultation to determine the best-in-class, standardised business and productivity IT solutions that fit your needs, covering workplace applications, security, compliance and continuity solutions; we create a pathway through the infrastructure design, installation and integration of IT and Comms. We back this up with the provision of expert advice and support, ensuring you get the most out of your technologies.

Once you have implemented the right combination of software applications and comms to ensure you have a unified productivity and service offering, you will have our continued Managed IT Support proactively maintaining your IT infrastructure and managing your software licensing as well as protecting against cyber threats, with remote monitoring and choices SLA’s, delivered by our own support people and your account managers.

IT & Network Support

On premise and fast remote access trouble shooting and support

Cyber Security

Ongoing security against viruses & ransomware attacks

Data Protection & Back-up

Off-site back-up & disaster recovery

Apps & License Updates

Buy 365 licenses & other apps from us for local support

Include A Fully Managed Phone System

You can add a cloud-based voice solution as part of our managed solutions. Our fully hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system can be fully integrated with your other IT applications, including 365 and Teams, to create a highly productive and customer service friendly office environment, easily adaptable for remote working.

With an enterprise-grade range of functionality, cloud-hosted telephony is a cost-effective and flexible way to meet all the demands and communication needs of your business.

Because it’s fully hosted and managed on your behalf, the hardware sits in a remote location (data centre), freeing you from the cost and space requirement of a physical PBX. To connect to Hosted Voice, users simply need a good quality, reliable internet connection, which we can supply – no traditional telephone lines required.

Hosted VoIP solutions are suitable for businesses of all sizes, with the ability to easily add and remove users as needed, so you only pay for what you need.

Making Remote Working Work

With our cloud-based voice solution you can adapt to a ‘work from anywhere’ set up quickly. Because of the real-time analytics built into our managed phone systems, you have monitoring and reporting on all individual users performance, ensuring productivity and KPI’s are meet. You also have call monitoring facilities available for further transparency and confidence that ‘working from home’ works for your organisation.

In our experience working remotely brings increased productivity, higher employee satisfaction and morale, as well as lower costs for facilities.

Midland Comms will help you develop a remote working strategy with end user IT support and help plan and implement the right productivity and collaboration tools, including:

Microsoft Teams

Teams provides a place to chat, call, meet and collaborate with your colleagues in a single platform. Edit and share live documents and bring all your tools together with ready to use and custom integrations across a range of business applications.  Integrate Teams and your phone system to enable additional tools including call recording.

Secure Hosted Virtual Desktop

Whether working from home or on the move, the hosted virtual desktop allows employees to access their work desktop, files and applications from any device with an internet connection.  

With our Mobility Management, you can enforce access policies to manage applications and apply restrictions across both personal and corporately owned devices.  

Microsoft 365

Leverage the full suite of Microsoft 365, for all your favourite Microsoft Office applications, plus the likes of SharePoint and Azure.

You can save money buying your 365 licenses through Midland Comms while enjoying our local support.

Additional Device Security

With our advanced device security, remote workers will be protected regardless of their location and without the need to be connected to an office network or VPN, blocking malicious connections and preventing malware or phishing attempts.

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How We Helped...

…the Cascade Communications team react and communicate quickly and effectively, both with each other and with their clients.

Across their three floors Midland Comms integrated the IT, network and telephony communications to give the ability to share and edit documents and presentations, key to effective decision making, from anywhere…

- 365 Business Voice -

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

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Microsoft Teams jump off image

- Microsoft Teams -

Microsoft Teams for Collaboration

- 365 Integration -

Integrating Microsoft 365 for Productivity


365 Licensing with Local Support

Microsoft 365 has grown beyond the individual applications into a business suite that can now integrate smoothly into your entire communications and customer service offering.

The Covid pandemic in particular has highlighted how applications like Teams can greatly improve collaboration within organisations, including valuable remote and home working set-ups.

It is not just Teams. Your entire telephone system can be integrated to maximise Microsoft 365, increasing productivity and allowing closer, traceable collaboration across your own teams and your interactions with customers.

There is a real advantage in working with us to plan your future IT and comms roadmap to ensure competitiveness, productivity and business continuity.

By moving your organisations 365 licenses to Midland Comms you will receive planning, upgrade and integration advice, a higher level of local support and more training options.

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Free IT Health Check

Maybe your current system is out-dated, slow and inefficient, or just needs improving. If you want to investigate a staged update, or complete upgrade of your systems, let us do the work for you. Start With A Free 365 License Review & IT Health Check

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