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Taking advantage of Midland to look after your Microsoft 365 licenses brings many benefits.

You have the support of a local, friendly and knowledgable team, that understands the importance 365 brings to your organisation, and the need to ensure that all your business apps are up-to-date, usable and fully integrated with the rest of your IT.

Any updates, moves or changes are handled with this front of mind, keeping you productive at all times.

You can tie your Microsoft 365 licenses and support in with other Midland services, including your overall IT or Telephony support or cyber security to benefit from one bill from one supplier.

An integrated approach to your IT, software and Cyber Security is a more stable and productive approach than using various suppliers who get into a ‘blame’ loop when one part of the system isn’t working as expected.

Talk to us now and we will carry out a FREE license audit for you.

Read on for all things 365

Integration of 365 into Telephony

All our I.T. and telephone platforms are built for scalability and can be easily expanded for a unified communication and collaboration workflow, whether on premise or Midlands’ own Cloud Hosted platform Elevate.

Midland offers industry-leading unified communication solutions for businesses of all sizes. All of our voice solutions can be expanded into full, feature-rich UCC solutions.

What is UCC? Essentially the term relates to a an integrated telephone and IT system that allows your business workflow and team collaboration to run seamlessly across devices. When the tools your business uses every day are integrated into a system that allows the easy flow of communication among devices, then you have achieved unified communications and collaboration, or UCC.

This includes the suite of programs available in Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 For The Way You Work Today

Office 365 gives you the familiarity and power of Office with the flexibility of the cloud. With Office in the cloud, your applications and files are with you wherever you go, whether you’re working offline at your desktop, online or on one of your devices.

Edit files at your PC or Mac. Email or share files from your tablet. Join an online meeting from your phone. What you need is accessible from anywhere, right up front and always up to date.

Work smart, work fast, wherever

Are your business employees on the move? If the answer is yes then that means you need to be able to work from anywhere, across your devices and have a consistent and fast experience. That freedom is what you get with Office 365.

Whether you’re at your desktop or on your tablet or phone, you can get to your documents, email and calendars, shared files and online meetings. And wherever you access it, it’s always your Office, so your files are up to date and your recent documents just a click away.

Built For Teams and Networks

Simplify your infrastructure with one platform for calling, conferencing, video and sharing. Connect your teams with the experience they love in the Office applications they use every day.

Microsoft Office 365 Integrated Across Everything

Today, work is a thing you do, not a place you go; as such employees today demand the freedom to work anywhere, with anyone, at any time, across any device.

These demands require the right collaboration tools, easy accessibility and careful consideration and protection from the issues arising from cybersecurity threats, as well as the ongoing management of changing working practices, the proliferation of consumer apps and BYOD personal devices, as well as the external factors of ever- evolving regulatory and compliance environment.

A step in the right direction is the ability to integrate the popular tools and apps that employees are used to using already, across your organisation. Microsoft programs have been at the forefront of usability in offices for many years. Today, the suite of programs is more powerful than ever and can sit right in with the overall I.T. and telephone functions.

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based software suite that combines the familiar Office features

– Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, for example – combined with next generation productivity- based services, to help drive improved collaboration and communication across the business, for employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

Microsoft Office 365 is scalable to business needs, based on a per. user monthly subscription model, which can help organisations budget more efficiently and keep costs down. Built in flexibility means that the suite can be expanded to match your organisations developing requirements.

Businesses are able to share and edit documents on the move, as well as manage meetings and other tasks, on any iOS, Android or Windows device.

Built-in industry-leading security, compliance and privacy controls give organisations peace of mind.

What’s in the Microsoft Office 365 suite?

Details below, or watch the introductory video.

Welcome to Office 365
Learn how to get started with Office 365. Create and share documents, check email, have online meetings, and work from anywhere, on virtually any device.


Word, the most popular word processing programme enables the creation, saving and sharing of many types of document. Used to produce letters, memos, notices and envelopes for mailing and distribution, as well as newsletters, brochures, etc.

Excel Spreadsheets

Excel; for the calculation and analysis of data such as sales figures and for storing text-based data, such as client and mailing  lists. Turn numbers into a pie charts/diagrams and make informed decisions through turning numbers into insight with state-of-the-art visual analysis tools.


Utilising slides, text, images, shapes and videos, PowerPoint can create just about any kind of presentation for most audiences.PowerPoint Online extends the PowerPoint experience to the web browser, enabling work to be done directly online.


Outlook’s email /calendar service aids employees communication, wherever they are and via whatever device they’re using. Serving as a personal information management tool, features include calendars, address book, task reminder and an area to keep typed notes.


Publisher is a desktop publishing application used for producing leaflets, brochures, marketing collateral – any type of publication requiring visual impact, with particular attention focused on layout and design.


Access; for creating browser-based database applications, with data stored in a SQL database and applications developed to help run a small business or departments within a larger organisation.


OneDrive provides a secure location in the cloud for storing, sharing and syncing work files, from any browser or device. Documents can be shared and worked on collectively using Office applications.


SharePoint enables users to sign in from any desktop or mobile device to save, organise, share and collaborate on all the documents, images, content and data, created across the organisation.


OneNote allows users to type, write, draw and clip ideas and information in digital form, making it simpler to gather, organise and share thoughts across all devices. Ideal for collaborating with colleagues, useful in meetings to record thoughts and share in real-time.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business Online offers presence, instant messaging, desktop sharing, voice & video calling across any device, making conference calls easy. Call, message & share work with powerful collaboration tools and schedule online meetings with a single click in Outlook.


Exchange Online offers greater security and control over their email environment. Data is kept safe with anti-malware and anti-spam filtering protected mailboxes, while data loss prevention capabilities prevent users from mistakenly sending sensitive information to unauthorised recipients.


Groups is a service developed with collaboration in mind. It works with Office 365 tools, enabling selected teams to collaborate when writing documents, creating spreadsheets, working on project plans, scheduling meetings or sending email.


Teams is built on Office 365 Groups, meaning it’s easy to move naturally from one collaboration tool to another. Teams members can start voice and video meetings. Teams provides persistent and threaded chat to keep everyone engaged and informed.


StaffHub provides ‘on the road’ employees with the ability to view schedules, swap shifts, request time off, catch up with their team or see company announcements – all via their mobile device.


Yammer is a professional social media business platform enabling organisations to be better connected and informed and making it easier to share ideas and content, to ask questions and provide updates.



Planner is a tool for creating project plans – organising & assigning tasks, sharing files and obtaining progress updates across any device. The centralised platform means that team members always know who is working on what.


With Delve, colleagues can research the background of team members to hit the ground running on a new assignment  and remain in the loop for team updates – without spending time searching through email threads or looking for documents.

The user experience centres on a personalised profile page, which includes recently accessed documents, colleague profiles and content, based on what colleagues are currently working on.

Skype Meeting Broadcast

Skype Meeting Broadcast enables users to schedule, produce  and broadcast meetings and events to online audiences of up to 10,000 attendees, and to host large virtual meetings, such as internal conference room gatherings and public webinars.

Microsoft Office 365 – Next Generation Productivity



Sway is Microsoft’s app for the creation and sharing of media-rich, interactive reports, newsletters, product brochures and presentations with the inclusion  of video or interactive content.

Use as a way of sharing  media-rich  presentations with colleagues, incorporating images, infographics and video.


Flow enables users to create automated multi-step workflows to receive event notifications, synchronise files or collect data. An automated text message could be generated when a specified colleague emails – or in response to someone tweeting a message about the company, with that individual automatically followed, replied to and their data added to a spreadsheet and Dynamics 365.


Video offers easy upload, sharing, and playback for video content.Video enables employees to view, locate, and discover video content throughout the business, across devices.Upload is simple drag and drop, with a function to type tags and descriptors. Content is shared via Yammer, appears within Delve and can be embedded within SharePoint team sites online and on-premise.


Stream is a video management tool, evolving from Office 365 Video and incorporating a number of additional features, such as:-Searchable Transcribed Audio enables users to type keywords to jump to the point in the video where these are spoken;Face Recognition and Detection allows user to identify where people appear in a video, indicated by a clickable timeline; and with the Linked Timecodes feature, timecodes are displayed in a comment section, linking to content or transcripts.

Microsoft Office 365 – Tools For SME’s



An email marketing tool, Connections enables SMBs to send professional-standard marketing emails, newsletters and announcements. Incorporating functionality to build subscriber lists, ask for referrals, and set up incentives. Connections also provides the facility to enable businesses to measure impact and analyse what does and what doesn’t work.


With Invoicing, the SMB can create professional quality estimates and convert to invoices for emailing. Templates are customisable, with provision to add discounts to encourage timely payment, to track pending and partial payment, unpaid and overdue payments.


Listings enables organisations to list on Facebook, Google, Bing and Yelp from one place and ensure that business information is consistently represented across the various sites. An updated change in Listings is automatically populated across the sites.


MileIQ is a mileage tracking app, automatically logging miles driven and creating a record of tax deductible and reimbursable mileage. Classification allows categorisation of journeys into business or personal, while the Work Hours feature enables employees to set work times, including shift patterns.

Customer Manager

Grow customer relationships directly from Outlook. Outlook Customer Manager is accessible across devices. New contacts are automatically created, populated from emails and the timeline collates reference to emails, meetings, calls, tasks, files and deadlines.

Business Center

With Business Center, access to and management of the small business tools – Connections, Bookings, Invoicing, etc. – is from one central location. The Business Center enables businesses to track key metrics (for example, online impressions), contact list growth, overdue payments and customer appointments. Management features include access control and access request notification.


Bookings is for the business offering services via appointment – dentists, solicitors, etc. Comprises of 3 elements: a booking page to arrange appointments; an app where the owner can monitor scheduled bookings, access customer details and manually create appointments; and a section for managing and maintaining customer information, service price lists and staff scheduling.

Extra Value Add-ons to Microsoft Office 365


Office 365 is a powerful platform but employee efficiency can be enhanced and business processes simplified even further by integrating a range of additional applications. There is a wide choice of such additional applications within the Microsoft ecosystem, including Dynamics 365 and Power BI, as well as from Microsoft partners such as DocuSign and Exclaimer.



Azure comprises a collation of integrated cloud services which IT professionals and developers use to build, deploy and manage servers and applications. Azure supports a wide range of operating systems, programming languages, databases and devices, thereby enabling application development via the tools and technologies with which the developers are familiar – across the cloud and on-premise.

Mobility + Security (EM+S)

EM+S incorporates Azure Active Directory, Azure Rights Management, Microsoft In- tune and Advanced Threat Analytics to provide organisations with cost-effective, comprehensive security for users, devices, applications and data. The three key pillars of EM+S are identity protection, device protection (including for the growing number of mobile devices) and content protection.


Cloud-based email signature manager Exclaimer enables the central design and distribution of email signatures to staff members. Users can create multiple email signatures using dynamic content, such as promotional banners, social media links, marketing artwork and compliant legal disclaimers and select the most appropriate for their messages. Everything is hosted within Microsoft data centres and so Office 365 emails are guaranteed to have the appropriate signature and never leave the Microsoft cloud infrastructure. Signatures are managed from a web-based user interface.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based suite of business analytics tools that enables users to connect to, visualise and analyse data with greater speed, efficiency and understanding, via easy-to-use dashboards, interactive reports and visualisations that can bring data to life. Power BI offers a variety of ways to monitor real-time data and trends for use in marketing campaigns, to survey business performance or overall spending, create sales reports, or identify which markets are growing and where demand is strong. Embedded into websites, interactive reports are out there in front of customers.


Microsoft Project helps keep projects, resources and teams organised and on track, incorporating facility to plan projects, track project status, and to collaborate with colleagues regardless of location. Project provides the resource management tools to help with building teams, requesting resources and creating more efficient schedules.

Suitable for project managing teams across any industry, Project comes with a customisable wizard that walks users through the process of project creation, from assigning tasks and resources to reporting final results. Plus, seamless integration with Skype for Business and Yammer further encourages collaboration among team members.


Professionally presented diagrams play an essential part in business communication and documentation. Microsoft Visio is a one-stop application that makes creating diagrams simple. It offers a variety of built-in shapes, objects and stencils, with users also able to create their own as well as import shapes. Visio provides templates that include for brainstorming diagrams (mind maps), organisation charts, pivot diagrams, a basic flowchart, Pareto diagrams and marketing charts for example. The latest version includes advanced design collaboration features, data-linked diagrams and cross- platform coverage – for example, it can import live information from an external source, such as an Excel sheet or Access database. From flow charts to floor plans to 3D maps, Visio adds another dimension to documents.

Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities into applications that work seamlessly together across sales, customer service, field service, operations, financials, marketing and project service automation, enabling better engagement with customers, optimised operations and empowered employees. Businesses can start with what’s needed and add applications as business grows.

Dynamics 365 gives department heads a 360-degree view of the customer, from transaction to engagement, delivering competitive advantage. With the data available from the various applications within Dynamics 365, businesses can tailor engagement with customers, increasing loyalty and turning relationships into revenue.


Formally recognised in legal proceedings, DocuSign is an e Signature solution which replaces manual signatures and the printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting of documents with an easy, fast and trusted way to make approval digital.

DocuSign’s DTM (digital transformation management) platform delivers a suite of services for all industries and departments and DocuSign’s partnership with Microsoft Office 365 means users benefit from a seamless, end-to-end transaction compliance management solution integrated into their most familiar and widely used applications. For example, users can create and send a document for approval and signature in Word; send, receive and sign attachments securely from within Outlook; sign, request a signature and track the status of documents in a SharePoint library; and save completed documents automatically to SharePoint or OneDrive for Business.

Microsoft Office Videos

Introducing Microsoft Business Apps
Introducing Office 365 Business Apps – Case Study

Office 365 business apps bring small businesses new ways to manage customer relationships and bring in more business. See how the apps have helped Ascent Architecture grow and run their small business.

What Is Office 365?
Microsoft’s Best Productivity Apps

Discover how Office 365’s integrated experience can help you start and grow your small business. Empower your employees with the tools they need to collaborate efficiently, communicate on the go, and access files with ease.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice – THE Phone System for Office 365 Users


Microsoft Business Voice Header image

Get  A Phone System Designed for within Office 365

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a modern cloud-based telephony solution that integrates into Office 365. It gives you calling together with chat and meetings in a single app, Microsoft Teams.

Ideal for office or home workers used to using Office 365 software as part of their everyday work flow.

Includes phone system from Microsoft’s trusted cloud, built-audio conferencing and calling plan.

You need an Office 365 subscription to run Business Voice.

Buy from Midland Comms to ensure you receive our full service and customer support back-up.


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Integrate 365 E-Book

Integrate Office 365 E-Book

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Office 365 Business plans have been created for the SME through to the Enterprise organisation. We have specialists to help your organisation choose the right plan with the most suitable adoption pathway to keep your organisation running smoothly.

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