Did you know a third of UK home workers are switching from using their broadband to using mobile data?

36% of Brits working from home are relying on mobile data to stay online and 61% say it has improved their overall working experience.*
Why, you ask? A mobile network such as 5G can be significantly faster and more capable, with much lower latency levels. That means clearer calls, faster download speeds and effortless collaboration.

Today, most business is done digitally – brainstorming in a virtual meeting on a laptop or responding to customers via webchat on our mobile phone. The IoT, bringing these devices together, is improving these processes behind the scenes by benefiting from 5G’s low latency, super-fast network. Businesses can harness its power to elevate the service being delivered to their customers. Response times are faster, apps are more seamless, and employees feel confident and in control knowing they have the best tools for the job.

Manage my Mobiles dashboard imageMidland Comms provide business mobiles as an integrated extension to your business telephone system and IT – giving you ‘one number anywhere’ flexibility for calls plus connectivity to your office apps while on the move – including choices of voice and data tariffs for mobiles or data only tariffs for laptops. You also get control over your mobiles using the ‘Manage My Mobiles’ portal.

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*Research link

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