Put Your Phone System In The Cloud

Put Your Phone System In The Cloud

Cloud-Based VoIP Capabilities with Advanced Features

Choosing the Best Cloud-Based Phone System?

Cloud Hosting. Hosted PBX. Virtual Office. Cloud PBX. What does it really mean?

Instead of PBX Hardware in the closet somewhere on site, Midland offers all hosted PBX phone services right over your Internet connection using VoIP technology. 

Whether you’re a large organisation with multiple sites and offices or a smaller to medium sized firm trying to prepare for the future, our experienced team will help and advise you on a virtual PBX, cloud hosted phone system that is affordable, simple to manage and gives your whole company access to enterprise-class features.

We’ll help you to choose a system that will last, convey the various features and how they will benefit your business and staff, and support you as you implement a system that will improve your customer experience whilst boosting employee productivity.

We offer the choices below to ensure a platform that fits in with your office environment and with the software and application integrations you may already use. Remember Midland can also look after your I.T. infrastructure and software needs also.

Elevate Phone Kit

Elevate Cloud Hosted

Microsoft Business Voice Phone Kit

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

8x8 Phone Kit

8×8 Virtual Office

Built for Scalability and Easily Expanded.

SIP and VoIP Compatible, Built to Replace End of Life of ISDN.

A Move to the Cloud

The benefits of cloud hosting your telephone system and other IT applications are much publicised at present. This is with good reason; there are benefits of cost effectiveness and scalability involved with moving to Cloud Hosted. If you are currently using a hardware-based phone system (PBX) in your organisation, it could be time to consider moving to a hosted solution to realise all the benefits that cloud telephony offers.

Moving to the cloud means no up-front spend on hardware, software or maintenance and it’s great for businesses with multiple sites and remote/mobile workers.

Work Smarter

Improve interoperability between your mobiles and your fixed telephones with extremely competitive rates.

Multi-Site Deployment

Only one system to buy – connect multiple sites easily and cost-effectively with one system. Transfer calls to different locations seamlessly, integrate with your company CRM and corporate directory and implement call schedules in minutes.

Instant Upgrades 

New features, upgrades and optional integrations with third-party applications as soon as they are developed and released

Looking for I.T., Contact Centres, PA or Business Mobiles?

We do those too!
Office worker on phone and computer - image

We Do I.T. Too?

Now, as telephone systems become indistinguishable from IT and computer integration, Midland too has expanded its’ knowledge and personnel to fully encompass every aspect of IT, to provide a range of business IT solutions either as a standalone service or as as part of your overall communications and office or mobile desktop environment.

We cover every area of your IT Infrastructure installation from the ground up, and then across your offices and remote sites, ensuring constant, accessible functionality across voice and data while integrating On Site or Cloud Hosted solutions that make sense for you and the way your organisation works.

We Make Contact Centres Work For Every Stakeholder

The customer’s journey to your contact centre has changed. And so have their expectations. Customer experience has never been so important.

Do your agents have the tools, information and support they need at their fingertips?
Can supervisors make informed staffing decisions and facilitate training easily?
Do your customers feel valued and that they are dealt with in as simple, flexible and effective way as possible?

Our range of Contact Centre Platform Applications gives every stakeholder options that empower their area of input.

Business Mobiles Made Simple

Unlike single mobile networks, Midland Communications’ new 4g Virtual Mobile Network (VMN) gives you access to multiple networks for better coverage. Provided there is coverage from any available mobile network – EEThree, O2 or Vodafone – you will always be able to make and receive calls.

Mobile benefits for your business:

  • VMN enables the SIM to automatically pick up the strongest available mobile network for constant coverage.
  • VMN can easily integrate with your fixed-line infrastructure to become the key form of communication in unexpected events such as snow, floods, strikes, roadworks, etc.
  • VMN supports access to email, calendar and tasks on the move as well as the internet and the company LAN.
  • VMN is ideal for companies who need to be in constant contact with their off-site users, whether it is via voice or email.

Business Mobile Tariffs or “One Bill”
You can fulfil your business mobile needs as a standalone option or as part of an overall telecommunications package that is bound to save you money.

Contact our Business Mobile team today to discover how we can help your business on the move. Call us on 0808 156 7080

The Benefits Of A Cloud Hosted Partnership With Midland Communications

Support & Service

Efficient solutions, effectively supported. Backed by network availability. We pride ourselves on our in-house support services.


Combine fixed and mobile telephony and drive flexible working throughout your business. Let your people work better and smarter, wherever they can be most effective.



Combine fixed and mobile telephony and drive flexible working throughout your business. Let your people work better, smarter, wherever they can be most effective.


Management Reporting

Get highly accurate billing data and stats instantly online. See costings with ease and drill down into call data to make your operation more efficient.

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