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Digital Transformation and Multimedia Channel Upgrade to Contact Centre Platform

Location:  Manchester
Client:    One Manchester Housing Association

The Client:

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Source: One Manchester Website

One Manchester is a provider of housing and community services. Formed in April 2015 from an historic merger between two of Manchester’s largest housing associations – City South and Eastlands Homes, we currently own and manage more than 12,000 homes in central, south and east Manchester.

As an experienced and trustworthy landlord, we provide good quality homes that are safe, secure, warm and affordable, and we are proud to be known as a housing association. However, we believe that our responsibilities go much further than providing homes.  Our view is that housing associations are all about place-making. We regularly look at the issues which go beyond housing and especially those that are specific to each of our communities.  We help people manage their money, find work, start-up businesses and stay healthy and well.

Mark Beach, Group Head of Customer Service and Insight:

I asked Mark about upgrading the Mitel Contact Centre backbone platform to integrate more multimedia/digital channels and how that was working out.

“We run a Mitel phone system for all the business as well as for the Contact Centre which is currently 30 advisors strong.

We run the Ignite product to handle, what is currently quite a small volume of email and Live Web Chat traffic – but that is increasing exponentially, as we are pushing our online services, which we brought online in November 2017.

Through Ignite we can track emails, who managed them, and now, we can easily follow the email trail, rather than through a shared access client such as Outlook.

Also we follow reports on them through the Reporting Suite, see the volume of Digital traffic, email and Web Chat, and compare those to phone . We can then set targets for the channel shifts we are looking for.

We want to get to a situation where we are blending all channels, the use of phone and digital across all advisors, and therefore making the most of our resources. We are using our own website to promote Live Web Chat more. It is important that the system is used in the right manner and that it adds to the customer service level.

At this early stage 8% of interaction is covered by digital, we want to increase this. Some areas have higher digital take-up. For example Repairs can be handled ‘Self Serve’ via the website, to register a request, book an appointment and track through the service. This has a 56% take-up.

In talking to our customers and from surveys we have undertaken we believe 50 to 60% is the likely take up of using digital and self serve over phone contact. We recognise that this is how people live these days, that they are used to the likes of Amazon and digital banking. The technology is out there and it is being used. People are using and accepting Automation. we should be part of that trend.

We have just gone live with IVR, using an initial 4 option menu set-up for Repairs, Rent, Re-Housing and ‘press 4’ for anything else. This also gives us the flexibility to use bespoke messaging for each channel including pointing to self-serve options.

In conjunction with this we have split our advisors by skill set to ensure the right advisor answers questions suited to their area of expertise. The thinking being if you get a better diagnosis of a repair at the front end that will lead through to more informed and better service from the repair team, with fewer return trips, and overall you will deliver a better service.

As with Call Recording, IVR helps in training also. Instead of needing to train a new starter on every aspect of every service we can start with one area, and allow them to become expert in that area, knowing the IVR will only ‘push’ those questions their way.

We will also gain new insights into call volumes, seasonal variations and call handling times from this new IVR channelling.

We also use the Post Call Satisfaction Module of the IVR for Satisfaction Surveys. Whereas we may, as a management group,  focus on efficiency the surveys will give us more insight into quality and we can adapt and adjust to ensure we maintain high standards of customer service satisfaction.

While Quality is a huge driver, the Platform, both the Historical Data and Real Time Management tools, such as Desktop Agent Views, give us good insights into Efficiency.

We use the Planning Tool and Historical data to aid our staffing levels and in Real-Time we can instantly adjust issues as they occur in terms of ‘not-ready’ situations and the like. We can use Real Time for coaching and to send messages through during live calls to assist, or even intervene if necessary.”

We don’t want to do too much at once, but as part of our Pathway, as we become confident with each addition, we are looking to Video Messaging and Whats App in the future. The value of adding a face to face option is appealing and an exciting prospect.

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