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Mass Notification & PA Systems for all types of organisation

PA & Paging – Overview

Our specialists can advise and implement the most suitable system for your organisation, across all premises, including factories, offices, churches, schools and universities, etc.

We provide Public Address (PA) or Paging “Tannoy” systems, fixed or PA over IP (networked audio), to exactly suit your requirements.

Systems are typically used internally for Voice Evacuation, Fire and Refuge Alarms, customer facing Induction Loop, Paging, Background Music, Sound Masking or clear Conference and Classroom audio delivery. We can also provide mass notification apps within the systems.

We are also experienced with Discussion Systems, including Soundfield for Classrooms. Other Education solutions, include School Emergency Lockdown, Lesson Capture and Delivery systems and Bell Timing systems.

Our choices of authorised Sound System Partners for PA installation ensure the audio sound experience is of the highest quality, such as background music for restaurants and retail areas.

With our expertise and capability to provide communications solutions across industry and vertical markets, we are focused on ensuring that one size does not fit all and that any solution proposed for your business is the right one for your specific needs.

PA and Paging over IP

An exciting development in Public Address Systems is PA/Paging over IP.

With traditional systems audio is made through dedicated cabling, fixing the component to the system. PA and paging over IP frees you from this cabling, offering more flexibility.

To establish a PA over IP Paging System you can utilise and integrate it with your existing VoIP network or create a standalone Ethernet set up just for your Paging System.

With PA over IP, as the need for cables is removed, with good planning, you can have PA anywhere. Speakers can be deployed wherever the network extends, and enabled to allow staff to put a call out over the public address system speakers via the telephone.

They can be moved, added to or removed with ease.

School Security Alert System & Lockdown

If your facility should face an intruder threat or similar crisis situation you need to simplify and automate the emergency protocol as much as possible to take into account the pressure or panic that may affect human input.

One Button Alert will relay a pre-determined alarm tone or message over the school-wide public address system, informing staff and pupils to initiate the pre-rehearsed school emergency lockdown procedure. If preferred you can tigger an alert to the mobile phones or desktops of staff members and allow them to follow your pre-determined procedure to reduce panic among pupils.

You can install as many panic buttons as deemed necessary, with software that will indicate from where the emergency alert has originated.


Trigger notification via the web or a phone call using a landline phone, IP phone, computer or mobile device

Athoc Notification - icon

Send voice, audio and text notifications to a variety of personal and mass communication devices

At Hoc Knowledge - icon

Recipients acknowledge messages by replying via their channel and on device of their choice

At Hoc Notification Reports icon

Admin runs real-time reports on broadcast progress: confirmed, unconfirmed, failed

Mass Notification 

We also offer Mass Notification apps – you can improve emergency mass notification, automate day-to-day communications and facilitate student and parental engagement by broadcasting messages to thousands of people – anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Broadcast messages via landline, mobile phone, IP phone, text, email or other customised channels to reach the widest audience.

You can maximise speed of transmission using multiple triggering options, automated and manual, and by targeting all devices simultaneously.

It is possible to integrate the messaging with facility operations, such as:-

  • Door Locks
  • IoT Systems and Sensors
  • Digital Signage
Mass Notification Solutions

Mix PA and Mass Notification applications for the ultimate emergency lockdown solution. Invite us in to assess your site and advise on a system.


Lockdown System Doubles As A Multi-Purpose PA System

Although purpose built to satisfy the possibility of a crisis situation the system will double as a fully-functioning PA and Paging system, allowing you to use it for:-

  • Basic PA & Paging purposes
  • Automated Class Change Scheduling/Bell Timing
  • Music Broadcast

In a crisis situation the Emergency Alert System takes priority of any other usage. The other applications within the system can be set to operate in across sites and/or selected areas only, for example, you have the ability to exclude a hall in use for exams, etc.

This system is fully cabled with optional battery back-up to ensure continuous uptime. In additional to permanently sited ‘Panic Buttons’ staff can also be issued with portable, wireless buttons to activate a lockdown.

PArks Primary School Lockdown PA - image

How We Helped...

Parks Primary School in Leicester asked us to specify and install a through-school system which would meet their needs for day-to-day public address, as well as providing an emergency communication system to support their Lockdown Procedure…

How We Helped...

XPO Logistics Derby, distribution partner for Ted Baker, required a system which would allow different background sources to be played into 11 different zones throughout the distribution centre as well as the ability to page and trigger messages to any of the zones via paging microphone consoles, desktop, telephony and mobile…

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