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ISDN End of Life

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What happens after ISDN?

Don’t worry if you have been alerted to the fact that BT is planning to phase out and ultimately shut down their PSTN and ISDN networks over coming years.

BT will stop selling ISDN services by 2020 and shut down by 2025.

BT will move its entire voice network to voice over IP (VoIP).

VoIP has been a proven platform for voice for some time now, and is just one area Midland Comms can help you with as an ISDN replacement. Here is a quick look at some options.


VoIP has many advantages over PSTN and ISDN; it is much quicker to provision new lines, you can reduce your line rental due to needing fewer physical lines, and it is vastly scalable and flexible – for example you can redirect calls to different parts of the country, or have a single phone number irrespective of where you’re working from.


SIP trunking, which is a powerful, scalable and highly flexible solution is another option. Its key feature is the removal of the physical aspect of the phone lines – reducing the restrictions around call capacity and location.

SIP is a cheaper and more scalable solution than traditional ISDN because you are using virtual phone lines rather than physical wires. Benefits include free call-forwarding to remote workers – either to their smartphone or PC, to the more simple features such as hunt groups and group mailboxes.

Cloud Hosted Telephony

Cloud Hosted telephony is another option well worth considering.

The benefits of cloud hosting your telephone system and other IT applications are much publicised at present. This is with good reason; there are benefits of cost-effectiveness and scalability involved with moving to Cloud Hosted. If you are currently using an on-premise, hardware-based phone system (PBX) in your organisation, it could be time to consider moving to a hosted solution to realise all the benefits that cloud telephony offers, including upgrading to a unified communications phone system and the benefits that UC brings.

Moving to the cloud means no up-front spend on hardware, software or maintenance and it’s great for businesses with multiple sites and remote/mobile workers.

If you are with BT or your current traditional telephony contract is up for renewal, now is the time to start exploring the benefits of VoIP, SIP and Cloud Hosted UC technologies. Every business is different and Midland Comms will guide and advise you on your choices accordingly.

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