Customer Communications Case Studies

Customer Case Studies

Telephony, IT, Customer Interaction & PA

With over 40 years of experience, our own in-house engineers and support team plus a consultative approach to network infrastructure and platform recommendation, Midland Comms are the ideal partner to ensure your communication is fully integrated with your business needs and processes.

- BPE Solicitors -

Contact Centre Platform

- South Worcestershire Councils Partnership -

Contact Centre with Multimedia Channels

- One Manchester Housing Association -

Multimedia/Digital Contact Centre

- Cirencester Friendly Society -

Customer Service Management & Reporting Case Study

- Sellafield Nuclear Facility-

Public Address System

- Channing School - Highgate -

IP Connected PA & School Emergency Lockdown System

- University of Notre Dame -

Audio-over-IP Security System

- Hardwick Hall Visitor Centre -

Audio System

- Crescent Primary School -

Networked PA and Bell Timing

- Twinings Tea -

Factory Public Address System

- NCHA Housing Project-

Sound Masking System

- Bicester Village Retail Park -

Audio Over IP

- Kemball Special School -

Soundfield Classroom Reinforcement

- Mira Showers Factory -

Networked PA System

- Bishop Wilson School -

Public Address System & Soundfield Classroom Reinforcement

- Parks Primary School -

Emergency Lockdown System

- Ted Baker Distribution Centre -

Sound Masking System

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