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We activity seek solutions that allow specific sectors to operate to their maximum. The tie-in between IT, telephony, software and apps has led to a number of platforms being developed for sector specific solutions. We stay at the forefront of  these.

Education Facilities

Our expertise includes Mass Notification for staff, students and parents, Student WiFi Portals, improved Classroom audio delivery via Soundfield, internal Paging & PA over IP and One Button Emergency Lockdown systems

Healthcare Solutions

We offer healthcare organisations of every size cost effective communication solutions from Paging over IP, through Induction Loop for improved customer facing contact to collaborative Video Conferencing for patient and consultants.

Financial & Legal

Automate routine and repetitive business processes with reliable and cost-effective solutions designed for these sectors. We offer the tools to proactively manage current customers and actively assist in the attraction of new ones and cover the legal requirements of Call Recording where required. Utilise One Number Anywhere mobility applications for consistent interactions.

Hospitality Solutions

Midland Communications’ experience in design and installation of PA and Paging systems, Background MusicInduction Loop and Voice Evacuation Alarm integrated systems plus Guest WiFi Portals and full Booking Applications makes us the ideal partner for hotels and other hospitality sectors.

Local Authorities

As part of Midland Comms Contact Centre expertise we continuously demonstrate how evolving technology can benefit customer service for Local Authorities via reductions in call centre telephony volumes by re-routing selected enquiries to online self-services and multimedia channels leading to improved service satisfaction levels across the board, delivered by fewer staff.

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