Build Your Own Apps in Teams

Working with Power Apps In Microsoft Teams

Extending The Power of Teams with Apps

This page is an introduction to adding useful Apps to your Teams dashboard or building Apps from blank to suit your business. We will be adding further information and “how to..” info in the future, so please check back.

Midland are a certified Microsoft reseller and offer local support for all Microsoft related products. If you need advice now on how to get started with adding or building apps in Teams please get in touch.

Buying Microsoft licenses through Midland opens up a local support network that can prove invaluable to your organisation.

Power Apps Demo 1

Power Apps Demo 2

Use Available Apps In App Store

Integrate partner or custom apps, bots, automated workflow and dashboards with Teams

Low Code App Building

Quickly build custom Apps and Digital tools for Teams with little or no development experience

Third party Apps for Teams
Build Apps for Team with No Code

3 Ways To Make An App

Start From Blank

Start building apps in Teams from blank

Start From Data

Start building apps from Data

Start From a Template

Team Apps Template Example 1
Team Apps Template Example 2
Team Apps Template Example 3
Team Apps Template Example 4
Team Apps Template Example 5
Download 5 steps to building your first app in Teams

5 Steps To Building Your First App

The Benefits Of A Teams/Cloud Hosted Partnership With Midland Communications

Support & Service

Efficient solutions, effectively supported. Backed by network availability. We pride ourselves on our in-house support services.


Combine fixed and mobile telephony and drive flexible working throughout your business. Let your people work better and smarter, wherever they can be most effective.



Combine fixed and mobile telephony and drive flexible working throughout your business. Let your people work better, smarter, wherever they can be most effective.


Management Reporting

Get highly accurate billing data and stats instantly online. See costings with ease and drill down into call data to make your operation more efficient.

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