WIT-400HE Handset Key Features Guide

Button Guide

  1. Display Screen: Displays your phones status, date  and time, and signal and battery strength.
  2. Side Volume Key: Allows you to adjust the key tone  volume or adjust the earpiece volume during a call.  Can also be used to navigate through the phones menu.
  3. Navigation/OK Key: Scrolls through the phone’s  menu options and acts as a shortcut key.
  4. Left Softkey: Accesses menu options or action  displayed to the bottom left on the display screen.
  5. Hold/Save Key: Use to place a call on hold. Also use  to save your changes while in the programming mode.
  6. Send Key: Place or receive calls, or access call  history.
  7. Keypad: Enter numbers, characters, and navigate within menus.
  8. Manner Mode: Activates the vibration mode from standby mode.
  9. Mic: Lets you transmit your voice
  10. Push-to-Talk (PTT): Allows you to invoke  announcements to other numbers of the PTT group.
  11. Right Softkey: Accesses the contact list or action  displayed to the bottom right on the display screen.
  12. Trans/PGM: Allows you to transfer an active call.  Pressing this key accesses the menu for making  changes to the IP phone configuration in standby  mode.
  13. End/Power Key: Lets you turn the phone on or off,  end a call, or return to standby mode. While in the  main menu, it returns the phone to standby mode and cancels your input.
  14. Clear Key: Deletes characters when in text entry  mode; when in a menu, press this key to return to the  previous menu.
  15. Lock Mode: Allows you to lock the phone from standby mode.

Dealing With Calls

Answering an Incoming Call

When the phone rings or vibrates, press the Send Key.

If the headset provided is plugged in to the phone, you can answer an incoming call by pressing  the mic button on the headset when the ring sounds.

Making an Internal or External Call from Call History

You can make a call after searching the Call History  In standby mode, enter one or more digits
Scroll through your list of numbers to pick one and press the Send Key to  dial

Making an Internal or External Call from Dialling a Phone Number

Lift the handset. Dial the extension Number or press the flex key assigned to the contact.

Making an Internal or External Call from Dialling a Phone Book

Press the left softkey
Phone Book and Search Phonebook
or from standby Press Search (right softkey) to access the Search Phonebook.  Select the entry you want to call to dial

Placing A Call On Hold

During an external call press Hold/Save key  Return to the caller by pressing the Hold/Save key

Rejecting A Call

Press the End/Power Key

Quick Access Call Tools

Speed Dial

Up to 99 phone numbers stored in your Phone Book can be assigned a speed  dial number. To access your assigned speed dials numbered 0 – 9, simply hold the digit  down.For speed dials assigned digits 10 and above key in both figures holding down the second digit  to dial.

Last Number Redial (LNR)

Press and hold the Left Softkey. The last dialled number will automatically  redial.
If the headset is plugged in, press and hold Mic button on the headset for about two  seconds.


Navigation icons gives you quick access to the following menu options from the home  screen

Press Up  to search for available WiFi networks.
Press Down  to access calendar.
Press Left  to access system settings.
Press Right  to access text messages from handsets registered within the IPECS systems.

Locking Your Keypad

Transferring A Call

During an active call, press the Transfer button
Call the required recipients number
For unscreened Call Transfer simply hang-up
For screened Call Transfer, when the call is answered, announce the call and  hang-up

Keypad Lock

Hold down the Keypad Lock button to lock the keypad then select the yes  option.
To release Keypad Lock, press OK, enter your pin, then hold down the Keypad Lock  button

Transferring A Call

Transferring A Call

From an active call, press Trans/PGM key
Enter the destination number to which the call is to be transferred  When the recipient answers, announce the caller
Press End/Power key to complete the transfer and end a call.

Cancel a Call Transfer

Press the Trans/PGM key


Call Forward

Call Forward.

Use the Call Forward features to redirect incoming calls from your phone to another  number.

Press the left softkey to access menu options, press 7 or use the scroll pad to System settings,  select call forwarding followed by one of the options below:

Menu option 1. Unconditional (U) Forward all incoming calls to another number.
Menu option 2. Busy (B) Forward while your phone is busy.
Menu option 3. No Answer (N) Forward when your phone is not answered after a certain amount of time delay.
Menu option 4. Busy/ No Answer (BN) Forward while the phone is busy, and all calls forward when not answered.

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